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Damages One Can Accrue In A Personal Injury Case

In the aftermath of a car accident or other injury caused by negligence, the ability to pay one’s personal bills and medical bills is something that’ll be on the mind of the injured. How can they provide for their family or themselves if they can’t work and gain income? At Eric Roy Law Firm, clients who work with our personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV want to make sure that compensation is sufficient enough that it can pay for all losses and until the end of the case. It will likely be on your mind as to what the ultimate settlement amount is going to be. 

While there are some popular, self-styled settlement calculators online, the truth is, there’s no way to truly and accurately determine a settlement until the end of the case. However one can get an idea of what will be contributing to it by looking at their damages. Damages is the legal term for your losses incurred as a result of your injury. There are several types that a court or insurance adjuster will look at to determine what they feel is an accurate settlement amount deserved.

Financial/economic: Often the most immediate concerning damages are one’s economic damages. These are damages related to work and personal income. Taking an injury in a car crash often results in a person being unable to adequately perform their job so they’ll leave work for a while to recover. As a result, they miss out on all the income during that period needed to pay their bills.

Medical: Certainly the most important of these in a personal injury case is the medical damages. These are represented by the medical bills that one accrues during their care and treatment by health professionals. Given that this happens to be the most accurate representation of physical damage, adjusters and courts value medical damages highly in determining settlement amounts. That’s why it’s extremely important that one attends all of their scheduled appointments with their medical providers following their accident as well as seek out medical attention directly after it.

Property: If your car was heavily damaged, or perhaps other property like your home, business have been damaged as well, then the damage of that property will be taken into account. This can be by means of the cost of purchase, cost or repair, or cost of replacement depending on the property that’s been damaged. Since the damage to your property was by no fault of your own, one should be able to receive compensation for their efforts to repair or replace it.