Elder Care Lawyer Henderson, NV

Elder Care Lawyer Henderson, NV

Elder Care Lawyer Henderson, NVAs a leading elder care lawyer in Henderson, NV, we know that too many men and women in American nursing homes are being neglected each and every day. Although there are thousands of elders in need of supervised dependence, providing adequate care and treatment in nursing homes remains one of the largest hurdles in the industry. Furthermore, the ability to accurately assess the extent of the negligence remains egregious. 

At Eric Roy Law Firm, our Henderson, Nevada elder care lawyers have seen so much abuse in care facilities, that it would be enough to make anyone uncomfortable and upset. We are dedicated to stopping abuse and neglect in nursing homes, and we are ready to hold those liable for their horrible actions, through any legal means possible. For years, our lawyers have been helping abused elders and their families. We understand the laws and the complications that are all too common in these cases. Because of our extensive knowledge and experience, we have a confidence that enables us to get results. Call our elder care lawyers in Henderson, NV for a free case review. 

Warning Signs of Elder Abuse

Some might think that certain annoyances are just a part of the aging process; however, some of these are actually a sign of something worse – neglect. 

If you or a loved one has bedsores, has fallen, or is not being properly fed, these are warning signs that something isn’t right. Bedsores, falls, and malnutrition can be prevented. However, many homes are understaffed or have improperly trained staff which can result in undue suffering of the residents. That said, it is possible for an elder to be prone to falling. If this should be true, it is the responsibility of the staff to take the necessary precautions to protect him or her. 

If you believe a nursing home is not treating residents in the way that they should be treated, consult a Henderson, NV elder care lawyer. Only through aggressive advocating can you feel confident in knowing the people responsible for their poor behavior can be held accountable. Furthermore, the abuse and neglect should stop; thereby, the residents of the facility will be protected. 

Bedsores. Are They A Sign of Neglect?

You might have been told that bedsores are normal or common in elderly people. While it is true that some elders may be prone to getting bedsores, they can be prevented when the right care is provided. This means that bedsores are a sign of neglect. A nursing home has a duty to provide care and attention to every resident. When they ensure a resident is moved often, or shifted in their position, bedsores could be prevented. Sheets should be changed regularly, and kept dry. If a bedsores does occur, it should be immediately treated to avoid an infection, amputation, or death. When bedsores are not being properly tended to by the facility, consider calling a nursing home law firm in Henderson, NV for further advice. 

Is a Henderson, NV Nursing Home Lawyer Necessary?

Does your eldelry loved one has bed sores? Have they been improperly medicated or poorly treated in a nursing home? If you suspect something is not right, please trust your intuition. Call an elder care lawyer in Henderson, NV for a free case review.