Enterprise, NV - Hit-and-Run on 215 Bltwy at I-15 Under Investigation

Enterprise, NV – Hit-and-Run on 215 Bltwy at I-15 Under Investigation

Enterprise, NV (June 30, 2022) – According to the most current police records available, a hit-and-run collision that resulted in at least one injury occurred on a nearby Enterprise roadway on Thursday morning, June 30.

Before the police came, one of the drivers of a vehicle that collided with another in the vicinity of the eastbound 215 Southern Beltway and I-15 was able to leave the crash site. EMTs and emergency personnel from a neighboring hospital arrived at about 11:25 a.m. and started assisting the injured. Two drivers, including the one who left the scene, were involved in the crash, according to Enterprise Police and city authorities.

In reference to early police accounts, Enterprise EMTs transported one of the drivers or passengers to a nearby hospital. Since the investigation is still continuing, there is presently no information available about the number of injuries. However, any witnesses and bystanders who saw the crash are asked to get in touch with Enterprise Police as soon as they can.

We are wishing for a swift recovery for the victims of this hit-and-run accident.

Enterprise Hit-Skip Driver Accidents

Enterprise, NV - Hit-and-Run on 215 Bltwy at I-15 Under InvestigationHit-and-run drivers are to blame for a much too high percentage of the 39,000 car accidents that happen in the state each year. For their own safety or to avoid penalties, many drivers flee the scene of an accident. Unfortunately, this means that others will have to bear the consequences.

In point of fact, according to a recent study, the number of deadly hit-and-run accidents in Nevada was among the highest in the nation. Additionally, statistics from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety show that a hit-and-run incident occurs somewhere in the United States every minute. Concerns about Nevada’s persistent traffic issue have been highlighted by the recent rise in hit-and-run events. 2,050 people lost their lives in accidents in 2016, setting a new record and increasing by 73% from 2015. 1,350 individuals lost their lives in occurrences of a similar kind in 2009 as well, demonstrating an increase in both the number and severity of the events.

Auto accident victims not only suffer from the agony of their wounds but also from the stress of rising medical bills and the uncertainty of how long it would take them to heal, which might take several weeks. After an accident, the victim can find themselves in a far more dangerous scenario if no one offers them assistance or information.

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