Enterprise, NV - Semi-Truck Accident, Injuries on 215 Bltwy at Jones Blvd

Enterprise, NV – Semi-Truck Accident, Injuries on 215 Bltwy at Jones Blvd

Enterprise, NV (July 20, 2022) – At 8:35 p.m. on Wednesday, July 20, a collision involving two cars and a semi-truck resulted in the hospitalization of one person.

The semi-truck was involved in a collision with another vehicle on the 215 Beltway earlier in the evening. The Enterprise Fire Department and Police Department were both made aware of the situation as a result. Currently, no other details are available, but an inquiry into what caused the incident is still underway. Ambulances took a patient with non-life-threatening injuries to the hospital’s emergency department No new information has been made public, but authorities believe that their investigation will be concluded within a few weeks.

We offer our deepest condolences and best wishes to the victims of this unfortunate truck crash.

Major Truck Accidents Throughout Enterprise

Enterprise, NV - Semi-Truck Accident, Injuries on 215 Bltwy at Jones BlvdAccording to the state’s Department of Transportation, more than 51,000 car accidents occur in Nevada each year. It’s significantly more common for a tractor-trailer collision to result in several persons’ death or serious injury. About 43% of the state’s total traffic deaths were truck-related in Nevada in 2010. Unfortunately, tragic trucking-related accidents occur often in Nevada. Driving over long-distance desert highways, it’s extremely crucial to keep this in mind. The relatives of those who have died in horrific incidents around the state are in a vulnerable situation.

Truck accident victims typically have financial difficulties, long-term physical problems, and severe psychological problems. Because of their injuries, victims’ families are liable for paying many medical and burial costs after they die. Legal solutions may be available to you and your family after an injury. Injured victims of truck accidents in Las Vegas who contact the Eric Roy Law Firm may be able to get the correct legal representation for their situation. If you hire a lawyer, you’ll have a better chance of getting the money and legal settlements you’re entitled to. In the absence of legal counsel, your chances of obtaining these compensations are significantly reduced.

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