Florida’s Continued Personal Injury Fraud Issue

If you’re familiar with personal injury case proceedings, then you probably already know that it’s your insurance company that ultimately disburses your settlement payout. It’s the job of personal injury lawyers, to convince insurance adjusters that if they were to go to trial, they would win their case. Moreover, they would therefore deserve the settlement amount that was requested. If the case does go to trial, then they must provide a compelling case to a judge and jury to do just that. Usually, this involves working with medical providers, to get medical records and proof that their injury is as serious as it is, as well as deserving of a specific amount of money. But of course, as it is with any career, competition is fierce. There are only so many crashes and injuries that occur in a given day or year. As such, it is up to lawyers and medical providers, to go through the effort of marketing themselves to compete for clients and their dollars.

While most lawyers and medical providers work honestly to get clients, there are an odd few who play against the law, to try to get an illegal stream of funds by manufacturing and staging car collisions in order to get the funds from personal injury cases. Furthermore, in such instances, legal businesses are looked at, so a professional can do an in depth work, pertaining the type of case at hand and how it can be resolved in the most efficient manner.  An example of a legal business that sets a standard, when it comes to assessing and handling legal cases effectively, pertains to a personal injury fraud lawyer Like those at Eric Roy Law Firm .  Cases that are looked at in detail that lawyers work with, mainly involve liabilities, accidents, and various types of personal injuries, with questions being asked, such as the severity of the case, the compensation that one is looking for, who else was involved in the case other than the victim, and more.

Now; in relation to the story, two physical therapists and five others in Miami were arrested recently for just this, being charged with running an extensive auto insurance fraud ring, staging accidents and billing insurers, as much as $161,000. With the conspirators having found participants for the scheme through Instagram, it took Florida’s Department of Financial Services investigators several months to uncover the scheme and ultimately get them arrested.

After these staged accidents were conducted, the participants would be paid 1,000 – 2,000 dollars, to register as patients at specific therapy clinics. They would then be instructed to complain about specific injuries; then the insurance companies would be billed for the treatment.

“This staged auto accident scheme is a perfect example of scam artists working to defraud the system for personal gain,” Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis said in a statement. “Unfortunately, these costs are then passed on to hard-working Floridians in the form of higher premiums.” These premiums often increase little by little every year, as it seems Florida continues to have a frequent personal injury protection fraud problem. In 2018, a Florida attorney was arrested for his alleged role in a $23 million PIP fraud scheme. In 2019 three were charged in a similar fraud, and in 2021, eight Floridians were seized in Miami.