Helicopter Accidents: Causes and Solutions

Helicopter Accident Attorney in Las Vegas, NV

It’s often said that flying in a helicopter feels like being a bird in the sky. Certainly, whether you’re a passenger or pilot, you’ve got one of the best views in any one place.

Also, while enjoying your scenic flight experience, usually a helicopter accident isn’t what you’re including in your itinerary. Unfortunately though, helicopter crashes occur more often than you would think.

More than one third of the world’s helicopter crashes just so happen to occur in the U.S. and at the same time, helicopters are more dangerous and difficult to fly due to low altitude flying and being that there are more moving parts on a helicopter than a fixed-wing airplane.

If you or a loved one happen to be a victim of a helicopter accident, one has to prove negligence on an account of the pilot or company regarding one of the many possible causes of the accident. This can include inadequate maintenance or faulty equipment, air traffic control failures, or a flight error on the account of the pilot.

To prove any of these, an investigation for a personal injury case would involve maintenance and flight logs, purchasing helicopter parts to compare the machinery, as well as interviews with eyewitnesses and other processes.

That said, there’s very little a victim can do to boost their case from their end aside from proving they followed all safety precautions. This is because the machine’s functionality and flight motion is essentially out of their hands.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing though; this also means it’ll be very difficult to prove fault on the part of the passenger.

If one just so happens to be in a helicopter crash, their survival chances are about 2 in 3. And while those seem like good odds, consider that the chances of surviving a plane crash is much higher as most fatalities only occur from the post-crash fires.

In helicopter crashes, however, you can die from the initial impact. Even if you survive, the likeliness of a catastrophic injury is incredibly high as unlike for airplanes, the impact itself is the most devastating aspect of a helicopter crash.

Overall, helicopter accidents are generally rare, but they do happen.

Make sure you always follow all safety precautions and policies as should be provided by the company and you should already have the upper hand in your case should a helicopter accident occur.