Las Vegas, NV - Injuries Reported in Multi-Vehicle Crash on Spring Mtn Rd at I-15

Las Vegas, NV – Injuries Reported in Multi-Vehicle Crash on Spring Mtn Rd at I-15

Las Vegas, NV (June 12, 2022) – According to initial accounts from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Paradise Police Department, at least one person was seriously injured in a multiple-vehicle incident in the Paradise suburb on Sunday evening, June 12.

Per initial accounts, the collision occurred at 9:20 p.m. on westbound Spring Mountain Road near Interstate 15, totally obstructing the right lanes. After being treated by first responders at the site of the crash, it is unclear whether the injured individual was transferred to a nearby medical facility.

The cause of the accident is now under investigation, and further details will be released to the public in the following days.

We are thinking about the wounded victims and their families, and we wish them a speedy recovery.

Recorded Victim Injuries in Las Vegas Car Crashes

Las Vegas, NV - Injuries Reported in Multi-Vehicle Crash on Spring Mtn Rd at I-15

Intoxicated or drugged drivers, according to Nevada officials, are responsible for a considerable share of automobile-related deaths. Last year, the number of people killed or seriously wounded in Nevada traffic accidents hit an all-time high due to drunk driving.

Furthermore, there have been more than twice as many deadly automobile accidents in Nevada this year than there were in 2020 at the same time. 

Even if you think your accident was only minor and you just have muscle aches or other insignificant injuries, you might be suffering from underlying problems that are now asymptomatic but could progress considerably in the future. The following list of common accident injuries is not complete, but it does include some of the most common ailments sustained and suffered by traffic accident victims:

  • Inflatable airbags installed in steering columns, dashboards, and other vehicle components are intended to lessen the severity of injuries experienced in car accidents. Airbags, in general, are incredible innovations that have saved many lives. However, if they malfunction, fail to inflate after an accident or rupture for no apparent reason, they may be harmful.
  • When a negligent driver rear-ends another vehicle, the bodies of the passengers resist the movement and push the vehicle forward, resulting in whiplash. Neck injuries like whiplash can have long-term implications, including persistent pain and even paralysis.
  • A hit to the head in a vehicle collision is very risky and may result in significant brain damage. In fact, what may initially seem to be a minor headache might be a sign of a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which can be fatal if left untreated.

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