Las Vegas, NV - Multiple Drivers Collide on I-15 at Russell Rd

Las Vegas, NV – Multiple Drivers Collide on I-15 at Russell Rd

Las Vegas, NV (May 25, 2022) – On May 25, in the late morning hours, emergency workers and officers from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department were sent to the scene of a major accident that had taken place on a roadway located in the greater Las Vegas area.

During the time that the event was being investigated, the bulk of the northbound lanes of Interstate 15 was closed off by law enforcement personnel at the Exit 36 ramp leading to Russell Road. Around 11:00 a.m. in the morning, a collision involving two automobiles that were moving in the two rightmost lanes of the roadway transpired and may have involved an additional motorist.

It would appear that no one sustained serious injuries as a direct result of the event; however, according to reports, emergency medical personnel transported one person from the scene of the collision to a nearby hospital in order to receive treatment. Excessive speed was a factor that contributed to the accident, though the details surrounding the incident are still being investigated.

At this moment, our thoughts are with everyone who was harmed in the incident. We hope that all injured victims fully recover.

Data on Traffic Collisions in Nevada

Las Vegas, NV - Multiple Drivers Collide on I-15 at Russell RdApproximately 60,000 automobile collisions occurred in Nevada last year, according to the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), and a significant number of those instances resulted in injuries that were either life-threatening or fatal for the victims. Worse still, the frequency of serious injuries is much higher in collisions that include more than one motorist.

And unfortunately, the number of accidents involving more than one motorist has been on the rise in Nevada over the last several years. This is especially the case when the crashes take place at extremely high speeds or at crowded junctions on streets, as well as on highways, interstates, and other comparable regions. In addition, motorways and city streets in busy, high-traffic areas like Las Vegas and Reno are common places for these kinds of incidents.

The tragic reality is that victims often have to bear the burden of large medical bills, other severe financial restraints, acute or long-term physical pain, and psychological trauma over a prolonged period of time. People who are killed in car accidents often leave behind grieving families and loved ones who must then deal with the financial burdens of medical bills and burial expenditures, as well as the emotional hindrance of grieving the loss.

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