Las Vegas, NV - Semi-Truck Wreck, Injuries on US 95 at Eastern Ave

Las Vegas, NV – Semi-Truck Wreck, Injuries on US 95 at Eastern Ave

Las Vegas, NV (July 8, 2022) – The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department received a report of a collision involving a tractor-trailer and at least one other vehicle on Friday morning, July 8.

Due to the accident, a number of southbound lanes on U.S. Route 95 near Eastern Avenue were nearly completely stopped at about 1:20 a.m. To assess the severity of the victims’ injuries, EMS units from Las Vegas and other local responders were sent to the site, compounding the nearly one-hour traffic jam.

Early accounts suggest that paramedics and police officers who were onsite are still unaware of the collision’s cause or the extent of the victims’ injuries. The official investigation into the cause of today’s traffic accident is proceeding, but no new or further information has surfaced.

The victims of today’s truck wreck are in our thoughts and have our best wishes for a complete recovery.

Truck Crash Injuries Occurring Throughout Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV - Semi-Truck Wreck, Injuries on US 95 at Eastern AveIf you often travel in Las Vegas, you’re probably used to sharing the roads and highways with enormous trucks. However, if you collide with one of these trucks, it may be quite hazardous. In fact, even life-threatening injuries and deaths may result from these incidents, particularly since the size and impact power of a huge truck may inflict significant property damage and catastrophic injuries to both drivers and passengers.

Have you been injured in a collision with a tractor-trailer? Are you suffocating under the crushing weight of medical expenses and missed income? If you were in a car that was involved in a collision with a tractor-trailer or commercial truck, it goes without saying that the accident may be catastrophic in many ways. In addition, these lawsuits are often highly complex since commercial and transportation organizations do not want to pay for their drivers’ recklessness or other irresponsible actions.

Clearly, drivers must exercise caution while approaching or driving alongside such vehicles. Tractor-trailer accidents accounted for around 9% of Nevada deaths in a single year, per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Truck drivers also need a considerable amount of space on the road to maneuver or stop safely, resulting in major, devastating accidents when they do occur. Thankfully, the Eric Roy Law Firm is prepared to help anybody wounded in a truck accident in Las Vegas.

If you have legal counsel on your side, you have a far greater chance of attaining the recompense and justice you deserve at this terrible time. After consulting with you and your loved ones, our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at Eric Roy Law Firm will immediately begin working on your case. Moreover, our attorneys at the Eric Roy Law Firm will conduct a comprehensive investigation of your accident since they are conversant with Nevada state law and also sensitive to your unique needs.

During this difficult time, when you should be focusing on healing from your injuries, you and your loved ones may depend on us for help with the most important and particular aspects of your claim. Now, you may be able to focus only on your rehabilitation. Contact our staff promptly and allow us to do the arduous and time-consuming work that would otherwise fall within your purview. Immediately dial (702) 423-3333 for a free first consultation with our highly skilled and seasoned Nevada personal injury attorney.

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