Las Vegas, NV - Tractor-Trailer Collision on US 95 at Russell Rd Causes Injuries

Las Vegas, NV – Tractor-Trailer Collision on US 95 at Russell Rd Causes Injuries

Las Vegas, NV (May 31, 2022) – According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, a semi-truck accident happened early on May 31 and resulted in casualties.

As a direct result of the incident, which happened at around 8:50 a.m. on Tuesday, numerous northbound lanes of U.S. Route 95 at Exit 65 to Russell Road were closed. Despite the fact that emergency medical professionals were sent to the scene of the accident to evaluate the casualties and transport those in need of further medical treatment, the police have not provided any information about injuries or the events that led to the incident. Authorities are now investigating the collision and have not provided any more details at this time.

We hope for a healthy, speedy recovery for all those hurt in this collision.

Wrecks Involving 18-Wheeler Trucks in Nevada

Las Vegas, NV - Tractor-Trailer Collision on US 95 at Russell Rd Causes InjuriesAccording to information made public by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 345,000 events involving large commercial trucks occurred throughout the country in a single year (NHTSA).

While over 100,000 tractor-trailer crashes resulted in major injuries, over 4,000 of these collisions ended in fatalities. Unfortunately, one of these catastrophes occurs every day in Nevada. This is essential to remember while driving the packed streets of Las Vegas, Reno, Carson City, and other adjacent communities.

In addition to long-term physical issues and major emotional harm, victims of catastrophic accidents usually face enormous financial obstacles following the catastrophe. This is especially true in circumstances when a big commercial vehicle was involved in a collision.

When victims do not survive their injuries, the financial burden of expensive medical treatment and burial costs falls on their heartbroken family members. If a truck accident that should have been prevented caused you or a loved one to suffer injuries or die, you may have legal recourse. As soon as it is convenient for you, please contact a semi-truck accident attorney in Las Vegas in order to learn more about your legal options. Our legal firm believes that victims and their families should get the maximum possible monetary compensation for their losses. This compensation may also cover future damages, guaranteeing that you and your family will never incur any out-of-pocket expenses.

If you choose a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas from the Eric Roy Law Firm, you can be certain that your case will be handled effectively. In the aftermath of a truck accident that was not your fault, it is crucial that you have the counsel and assistance you genuinely need. Do not give an insurance adjuster the right to determine the outcome of your claim or push you into taking less compensation than you are owed if you are injured due to the negligence of another person.

At the Eric Roy Law Firm, one of our Las Vegas truck accident lawyers is ready to discuss your case at your earliest convenience. Our passionate legal team here at Eric Roy has fought for years for the rights of victims and their loved ones. Contact us at 702-423-3333 so that we may schedule your free consultation and immediately give you specialized and effective legal aid.

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