Nursing Home Law Firm in Henderson, NV

Nursing Home Law Firm in Henderson, NV

Nursing Home Law Firm in Henderson, NevadaNursing abuse cases in Nevada are on the rise and even worse is the fact that there are very few attorneys that specialize in fighting for this kind of case. You could settle for an inexperienced lawyer with barely any expertise in nursing home negligence. Or you can consult Eric Roy Law Firm, a nursing home law firm in Henderson, NV. We serve Henderson, Nevada, and all other major Las Vegas communities; fighting every day to get Henderson residents the justice they deserve.

We love our family, especially our senior family members, but there comes a time when the responsibilities and duties in our own lives increase along with their care demands and assistance needs. In order to remedy this, our elderly loved ones live in assisted living homes, where they can get the daily care and assistance they need.


The fear we all have though, is the thought of our loved ones facing any type of nursing home abuse and sadly, the unfortunate thing is that most nursing abuse cases are never reported. In fact, study estimates show that only 1 in 25 instances of negligence in assisted living facilities are ever reported. It’s also reiterated that these statistics aren’t even a true reflection of reality as most abuse victims are either unwilling to report their abuse or are unable to either by some kind of threat or personal necessity. A good nursing home law firm in Henderson, Nevada will be fighting these cases every day.

Statistically, according to the National Center for Victims of Crime, 50% of nursing home staff have confidentially admitted to some type of nursing home abuse. Those most likely to commit an abuse of the elderly are those who are dependent either emotionally or financially. Even more so are individuals within a facility who are underpaid with little resources, education, or support. Essentially, it’s those who are overwhelmed by their occupation who find themselves needing to lash out at it.

Studies have also shown that facilities with the least incidences are those with more staff and support; it’s the smaller facilities with higher occupancy that aren’t owned by for-profit chains that’ll skimp on anything just to make a buck. Keep this in mind when either seeking out a facility to leave your loved one or when questioning the likeliness of them facing abuse.

What You Should Do

Nursing home negligence is the failure to provide the services that a facility was contracted to give to its residents. It’s a breach of trust that no one deserves especially when it comes to the care of your loved ones. Eric Roy Law Firm specializes in nursing home abuse in Henderson, Nevada, and can get the compensation owed for your loved one’s mistreatment. When you don’t have many nursing home abuse specialists to choose from, don’t settle for an inexperienced lawyer. Call Eric Roy Law Firm at 702-423-3333 today and get your free consultation started!