Paradise, NV - Hit-and-Run on Flamingo Rd at I-15 Injures Victims

Paradise, NV – Hit-and-Run on Flamingo Rd at I-15 Injures Victims

Paradise, NV (July 2, 2022) – On Saturday evening, July 2, a hit-and-run that resulted in at least one injury occurred on a nearby city road, according to the most current available police data.

Before police arrived, one of the drivers involved in a collision between eastbound Flamingo Road and Interstate 15 fled the area. At around 11:05 p.m., EMTs and emergency professionals from a nearby hospital came and began aiding the victims. Two drivers were involved in the collision, including the one who fled the scene, according to the Paradise Police Department and local officials. EMTs in Paradise transported one of the drivers or passengers to a local hospital, according to early police reports.

Due to the ongoing inquiry, there is currently no information about the number of injuries. Nonetheless, the Paradise Police Department is requesting that any witnesses or bystanders who saw the collision contact them immediately.

We wish the victims of this hit-and-run accident a speedy recovery.

Accidents with Hit-and-Run Drivers in Paradise

Paradise, NV - Hit-and-Run on Flamingo Rd at I-15 Injures VictimsAn estimated 39,500 or more car collisions occur annually in the state, with hit-skip or hit-and-run drivers responsible for a disproportionately large number of these events. To protect themselves, a considerable proportion of motorists flee the scene of an accident. This unfortunately suggests that someone else will be held accountable for the outcome of the issue.

Based on state-level statistics, recent research found that Nevada has one of the highest rates of fatal hit-and-run incidents in the United States. In addition, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that a hit-and-run occurs somewhere in the United States every minute. People in Nevada are getting increasingly worried about the state’s chronic traffic congestion as the incidence of hit-and-runs increases.

In 2016, almost 2,000 individuals were killed in accidents, marking a new high and rising by 74% from 2015. In 2009, there were 1,300 fatalities resulting from the same cause. This indicates a rise in both the frequency and intensity of events. The suffering of a vehicle accident victim is exacerbated by rising medical expenses and the unpredictability of their final recovery time, which may take several weeks or even longer. If no one aids or provides information after an accident, the person may find themselves in a far more perilous situation. This is just one of the many reasons why any victim who has been injured as a consequence of a hit-and-run should immediately contact a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas.

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