Paradise, NV - Serious Car Crash on Tropicana Ave at Paradise Rd Under Investigation

Paradise, NV – Serious Car Crash on Tropicana Ave at Paradise Rd Under Investigation

Paradise, NV (August 10, 2022) – Up-to-date information from the police indicates that on August 10, at least one passenger was hurt in a possible hit-and-run on a municipal route close by.

At 11:15 p.m., an incident happened close to the Paradise Road exit off of Highway 593/Tropicana Avenue. Minutes after the original incident, emergency medical services and medical personnel came and started aiding the wounded. The Paradise Police Department and local authorities initially believed that one of the two drivers involved in the accident had fled the scene; it is now unknown whether or not they have located the motorist they believe was to blame.

One of the drivers or passengers was taken to the hospital by paramedics, according to the police report. During the ongoing inquiry, authorities have not yet determined the exact number of fatalities. However, any witnesses or onlookers should immediately report the event to the PPD.

We hope everybody involved in today’s car crash has a speedy and full recovery.

Auto Accident Rate Across Nevada

Paradise, NV - Serious Car Crash on Tropicana Ave at Paradise Rd Under InvestigationWhen an accident occurs, many drivers flee the scene rather than face the consequences of their conduct. In “hit-skips” or “hit-and-runs,” the negligent party causes an accident that results in major property damage, bodily injury, or medical expenses for another driver and then flees the scene.

The frequency of hit-and-run incidents rose sharply last year, as reported by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. According to data, there is a hit-and-run in the United States per minute. In addition, the annual average of hit-and-run events has increased to almost 670,000 since 2006. The hit-and-run rate increased by an average of 8% every year over the preceding decade, and authorities fear that 2,000 people may lose their lives to this problem in 2016.

In the state of Nevada, it is a misdemeanor for a motorist to escape the scene of an accident. If found guilty, these motorists face up to six months in prison and a $2,000 fine. A Class B felony charge may be brought, however, if there is substantial destruction of property, significant bodily harm, or death. Sadly, many hit-and-run drivers only get minor punishments, if any at all, for their crimes. However, choices may still be available to you after such a tragedy.

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