Paradise, NV - Victims Hurt in 18-Wheeler Crash on Harmon Ave at Las Vegas Blvd

Paradise, NV – Victims Hurt in 18-Wheeler Crash on Harmon Ave at Las Vegas Blvd

Paradise, NV (July 31, 2022) – On Sunday about 10:35 p.m., a large truck crash was recorded in the Paradise region.

On Sunday near Las Vegas Boulevard, on Harmon Avenue, officials reported the event to the Paradise Fire Department. However, only minor injuries were recorded. The accident scene was cleaned up by 11:00 p.m., but the cause of the incident is still under investigation. 

Any witnesses or bystanders who know any further information about this crash are asked to contact the Paradise Police Department.

The victims of this horrible truck accident are in our thoughts and prayers, and we hope they make a complete recovery.

Semi-Trailer Truck Accidents in Paradise

Paradise, NV - Victims Hurt in 18-Wheeler Crash on Harmon Ave at Las Vegas BlvdAccording to the Nevada Department of Transportation, each year, there are about 51 000 automobile accidents in the state. In the event of an accident involving a tractor-trailer, the chance of several deaths or serious injuries is much increased. 2010 truck accidents accounted for more than 45% of all traffic fatalities in Nevada.

Trucking-related fatalities are quite common in Nevada. This must be kept in mind when traveling through the multi-lane roadways of Las Vegas or large swaths of desert that traverse the Silver State. Families who have suffered the loss of a loved one in one of the state’s many tragedies face a perilous scenario. Truck accident victims often have to deal with severe financial hardships, ongoing medical issues, and mental distress. In the case of an accident or death, victims and their families are responsible for a wide range of medical and burial costs.

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To assist you and your loved ones get through this awful time as swiftly and painlessly as possible, we devote all of our efforts to the most crucial and hard aspects of your claim. After an accident or injury, your health and recovery should take precedence over anything else.

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