Summerlin, NV - Multi-Vehicle Crash on US 95 at Summerlin Pkwy Hurts Victims

Summerlin, NV – Multi-Vehicle Crash on US 95 at Summerlin Pkwy Hurts Victims

Summerlin, NV (July 16, 2022) – On Saturday, July 16, a traffic event that left several people injured was being looked into by the Summerlin Police Department.

Around 9:20 p.m., a multi-vehicle incident occurred on Highway 95 southbound between Rainbow Boulevard and Summerlin Parkway. Initial indications are that, as the driver of the car in front of two other vehicles slowed down, the three collided. One victim was transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance and EMTs, despite the fact that medical authorities and emergency services have not disclosed the victim’s present health or the severity of their injuries.

It’s unclear how many people were hurt, and no particular information or data that may be used to identify anyone involved has been made public as of the time of writing. Investigations are still ongoing into the immediate circumstances of the crash.

We hope that everyone who was harmed by today’s accident recovers quickly and completely.

Statistics for Injuries and Accidents on Summerlin Highways

Summerlin, NV - Multi-Vehicle Crash on US 95 at Summerlin Pkwy Hurts VictimsBy the end of 2021, the death toll from traffic accidents in Nevada is expected to reach 710 or more, making it the state’s worst year since 2002. Drunk and reckless driving are expected to be two of the key causes of an increase in death rates in this country. An established tendency has resulted in over 240 fatalities and hundreds of injuries from Clark County car accidents in 2013, and a disproportionately high number of people have been killed or injured in crashes in Clark County in the years since. The number of people killed and injured in Clark County, Nevada, in 2013 was unprecedented.

More than a few Nevadans have suffered agonizing physical agony, as well as substantial health difficulties and enormous financial responsibilities, which has further exacerbated their already tough situation. Any driver or passenger, particularly those on a motorcycle or bicycle, may face traffic hazards in cities including Carson City, Henderson, Clark, Reno, and Las Vegas. It’s the same for those passengers who are also drivers. Some of the most perilous crossings in the country may be found in these cities. As a result of their injuries, these people may never be able to go back to their normal routines again, which might lead to PTSD or other forms of mental suffering.

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