Types Of Nursing Home Injuries One Should Look Out For - Elder Patient Helping Nurse Hand

Types Of Nursing Home Injuries One Should Look Out For

Nursing home abuse is the mistreatment of older adults in assisted living facilities. Abuse can come in any form from physical, psychological, or even financial harm usually by negligent staff members of the facility in question. Ultimately there are countless accidents, intentional acts, and various failures that can cause injury to those living at a nursing home and the signs of abuse can range from glaring extremities to subtle signs that go under the radar. If one sees signs of nursing home abuse, one ought to seek out a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV such as one from Eric Roy Law Firm in order to start a case. Since you pay money for the facilities care services, one ought to be compensated should the facility fail their duties much less injure and hurt the individual within their charge in the process. The most common forms of negligence within a nursing home are outlined below:

Failure to maintain adequate health and safety policies: This includes keeping clean and sanitary spaces in resident’s rooms and common areas. The spaces in which one lives is reflective of the overall health of the resident. Bacteria can build up in unsanitary spaces and become the cause of long term chronic illnesses.

Negligent supervision: Many residents are unable to walk around or overcome obstacles like they used to and require supervision and assistance to traverse spaces. Should a resident get impatient and take matters into their own hands, if they slip or fall, then the facility may be liable for the resulting injury.

Negligent hiring: The overall productivity and efficiency of a nursing home facility is dependent on the hiring of qualified employees with a good work ethic. If a facility has a history of hiring individuals who are less than qualified with a known history of being lazy and lackadaisical with their duties. The facility can be held liable for injuries related to an overall breakdown in overall facility conditions. The home is even more vulnerable if they hire or rehire someone who has previously abused elderly residents before simply so they can have the manpower.

Failure to provide adequate medical treatment: Medications are an important part of a nursing home resident’s life and it’s important that they maintain a resident’s schedule of medication consumption as well as ensuring that they take the right medication. If a resident’s health fails because the facility’s staff was lazy in keeping up the resident’s treatment then the facility is liable for any health complications as a result.