Casino Injury Law Firm Henderson, NV

Casino Injury Law Firm Henderson, NV

Casino Injuries Pose a Unique Challenge

Casino Accident Lawyer Henderson, NVWhen it comes to a casino injury, there must be proof of negligence in order to hold the casino responsible. In other words, you or a casino accident lawyer in Henderson, Nevada must be able to prove that there was a dangerous condition, the casino knew or should have known, about this condition, and the injury occurred because of the condition. Proving this is not as easy as it sounds; therefore, when it comes to a case involving a casino injury, you should have a casino accident lawyer in Henderson, NV on your side. 

The Importance of Proving Negligence

Proving negligence is essential and includes the requirement to show that the casino knew, or should have known, about the dangerous condition. For example, if someone claims they slipped and fell at a casino because of spilled liquid, a good Henderson, NV casino accident lawyer will need to demonstrate that casino staff were aware of the substance on the floor, or that the substance existed long enough that staff should have been aware of it. Establishing the cause of the accident, as well as the time of the injury is also very important to the case. This is because the time between the spill and the accident could be enough proof to establish negligence on the part of the casino. 

Locating and Preserving Video Footage

In Nevada, The Gaming Commission mandates casinos to maintain video footage of their premises for at least ten days. This means that from the date of your injury, there will be at least ten days to recover the video footage. This is why it is very important to consult a casino accident lawyer in Henderson, NV as soon as possible. A lawyer can send a letter to the casino that asks them to save the footage related to the time frame of the accident. 

Injury By a Third Party

Sometimes the casino is not directly responsible for an injury. For example, a casino patron could be assaulted or robbed on the premises by a third party who is unassociated with the establishment. If a casino accident lawyer in Henderson, NV can show that the injury could have been prevented, the casino might be liable. Likewise, if a patron is unruly, behaving in a way that is inappropriate, or is drunk or drugged, and their behaviors are indicative of possible violence, the casino should remove him or her. If they fail to do so, and another person is injured because of the unruly patron, the casino may be considered negligent. A casino injury law firm Henderson, NV has to offer should be sought immediately. 

Report the Injury

In general, it is advisable to report the injury to casino management in the event that security is not cooperating with you. It is your right to ask the management to document and report the injury. If they refuse to help you, you should take steps to document the incident on your own. For example, take photos, ask witnesses for their contact details, and get a copy of your medical records. After, you report, and/or document the injury, call a casino accident lawyer in Henderson, NV. Call Eric Roy Law Firm today.