Centennial Hills, NV - Durango Dr Site of Truck Accident, Injuries at CO Hwy 215

Centennial Hills, NV – Durango Dr Site of Truck Accident, Injuries at CO Hwy 215

Centennial Hills, NV (June 25, 2022) – Officers from the Centennial Hills Police Department were sent to the scene of a tractor-trailer driver accident that injured at least one person early on Saturday, June 25.

A collision at Highway 215 and Durango Drive northbound resulted in the closure of the whole route just before 6:50 p.m. As paramedics and emergency medical services units from Centennial Hills and Las Vegas were sent to the location to evaluate the victims’ injuries, the incident caused a severe traffic jam that lasted for more than an hour.

However, neither the CHPD nor any other first responders on the site have disclosed the reason for the collision nor the nature of the injuries experienced by the individuals involved. Nothing new has been revealed despite the fact that the official investigation into what led to today’s traffic incident is still ongoing.

We truly hope that everyone hurt in today’s incident recovers quickly.

Major Truck Accidents in the Greater Las Vegas Region

Centennial Hills, NV - Durango Dr Site of Truck Accident, Injuries at CO Hwy 215In the most recent year, more than 49,000 occurrences were reported to the Nevada Department of Transportation. Accidents involving tractor-trailers and other big, heavy vehicles are more likely to occur. In addition, ten percent of Nevada’s overall traffic fatalities in 2010 were truck-related.

Due to Nevada’s extensive roadway network, these large truck accidents occur far too often. Even worse, catastrophe struck over 4,600 individuals, demonstrating that Nevada has an abnormally high incidence of fatal tractor-trailer crashes. This problem affects a number of Nevada’s main routes, including Highway 95, which goes through Las Vegas and beyond, Interstate 15 in and around Reno, U.S. Route 93, and Interstate 395, as well as the region around Carson City. Obviously, victims and their loved ones are more susceptible in the aftermath of a disaster.

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