Clark, NV - Harmon Ave Site of Injury Semi-Truck Crash at Paradise Rd

Clark, NV – Harmon Ave Site of Injury Semi-Truck Crash at Paradise Rd

Clark, NV (May 14, 2022) – On Saturday evening, May 14, Clark officials, together with the Paradise Police, responded to the site of a semi-truck collision resulting in injuries.

The semi-trailer accident, which occurred at 11:00 p.m., closed two right lanes of eastbound Harmon Avenue near Paradise Road with slowing traffic contributing to area jams. Paramedics arrived to check the victims and transport anybody with mild to serious injuries, but EMS units and authorities have not revealed the degree of the victims’ injuries or the cause of the incident.

Clark authorities are now investigating the accident, and no other details have been released.

We send our best wishes to the injured victims and their families for a total recovery.

Injuries in Nevada 18-Wheeler Truck Wrecks

Clark, NV - Harmon Ave Site of Injury Semi-Truck Crash at Paradise RdThe incidence of mortality among automobile and truck drivers or passengers for every mile driven has decreased since 1975, the first year when traffic data on injuries and fatalities in semi-truck accidents was gathered. Despite this, approximately 4,150 people died and hundreds of thousands more were seriously wounded in these crashes. Unfortunately, horrific circumstances like these occur frequently and are quite typical in Nevada.

This is especially true in heavily populated metro zones like Las Vegas and its area suburbs, such as Reno, Paradise, Henderson, Sparks, and beyond. Of course, catastrophic semi-truck accidents can result in serious bodily injuries, emotional anguish, and financial hardship.

What’s more, over the span of 2017, the rate of those killed in these oft-preventable collisions was up 52% from 2009. Per the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) of the United States Department of Transportation, these incidents are becoming more and more commonplace.

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