Construction Defects: Who is Liable?

Construction Accident Attorney in Las Vegas, NV

Construction projects are something that generate comfort and ire in Las Vegas for the jobs they create or the infrastructural slowdowns they cause respectively. But once completed, we all welcome a new building that has been designed and built to easily integrate itself into the community.

But buildings are designed and built by people, and sometimes, people make mistakes. This often results in a building defect that either harms the pedestrians passing by or the tenants/guests inside. Given the immense number of workforce personnel involved in the creation of the building, when something goes wrong, who is truly responsible? This guide will help you figure out who to file a claim against with your personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Architect is liable if: a person gets injured from a gas explosion because the architect didn’t show the location or existence of underground gas lines in the plans. Also, if a person gets injured falling on a staircase with a design that blends so seamlessly into the building that there’s no visual warning of its existence.

Engineer is liable if: a structure is built without any building errors, but the structure collapses anyway. Since the engineer approved the architect’s plans, and the builders built it to the exact specifications, it’s the engineer who is then liable.

Subcontractor is liable: for situations where one gets injured due to subpar building or application of individual fixtures. Ex. a person gets electrocuted after turning on a ceiling fan because of exposed wiring or a person gets injured on a toilet that tips over because it wasn’t securely screwed to the floor.

General contractor is liable: for just about anything and everything that the subcontractor is; even if they don’t do the actual work. The catch is that if a general contractor has to pay for damages, the subcontractor usually reimburses the general contractor.

Property owner is liable when: he/she doesn’t provide adequate barriers to keep pedestrians safe/away from the construction process. Or if the owner makes major decisions in the construction process and the injury that occurred was related to the decision that the property owner made.

While these individuals comprise the vast majority of defendants in a construction defect case, a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada can sue a manufacturer of products like toilets, lights or pipes if it’s discovered that the general contractor was given products that were more subpar in material than the ones the general contractor first reviewed.