Defective Auto Products

Defective Auto Products

While it is no secret that negligent and reckless drivers cause the most car accidents in America yearly, many are caused by defective auto products and dangerous car parts. If you have been in a car accident and your injuries can be traced back to a wrong product, your opposition will no longer be an insurance company but an entire automaker. Stack the odds in your favor by retaining Eric Roy.

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Auto Parts That May Become Dangerous

You should be allowed to safely assume that your automobile will not do anything to hurt you and that it has been manufactured to exact specifications, especially when you paid so much for it. A look into news about the automaker industries reveals that defective auto products are in millions of cars now and can cause serious injuries. For example, Takata Corporation’s defective airbags have been cited as the sole cause of 11 fatalities – as of May 2016 – worldwide, 10 of them in the United States. When automakers and part manufacturers fail to do the basic requirements of their jobs, it is only fair that they pay for any resulting injuries.

Auto parts that are known to become dangerously defective include:

  • Airbags that explode or fail to deploy
  • Car seats that collapse in a rear-end collision
  • Accelerators that start on their own and cannot be stopped
  • Seatbelts that come loose during impacts

Two Causes of Auto Part Defects

Pinpointing liability in your injury claim will require a careful eye that notices the small details. Personal Injury Attorney Eric Roy and our staff are familiar with auto product defects and how they originate. Through our investigations, we may be able to significantly increase your chances of winning a total recovery amount by determining the root cause of the defect.

A defective auto product could originate from:

  1. Design flaws: A product that is dangerous by design should never hit the market, but that does not mean it will not. Collapsing seat backs, which have caused infant fatalities and numerous catastrophic injuries, are designed to collapse in certain vehicles as it softens the impact of the person in the seat. Not only is this a design flaw, but it is also intentional.
  2. Manufacturing errors: A car and its parts can be perfectly designed on paper and rolls off the production line most of the time without any problems. However, a single mistake in manufacturing can cause some parts to become dangerous.

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