Dog Bites: Two Types of Owner Liability

Dog Bite Attorney in Las Vegas, NV

Dogs are our friends, but despite being domesticated animals, they still possess a level of instinct no different than us humans whether learned or intuitive. While all dogs are friendly, owners might train them, mistreat them, or experience an event that’ll cause them to bite other people or other dogs out of an instinct to protect itself; thus garnering a need for a dog bite law firm in Las Vegas, NV.

It’s always a terrible event when one experiences a dog bite, but sadly it’s a form of physical harm like any other that can affect one’s health and ability to live and work normally, thus justice and compensation must be served. When pursuing a dog bite case, while laws are different by state, most abide by just two laws which determine whether the owner is liable.

Strict Liability laws: Most dog bite law firms in America will be encountering this law. Strict liability means the defendant is liable for something even if they could have done something to prevent it. In the subject of dog bites, the owner is liable if the dog bit the plaintiff and the plaintiff was legally allowed to be where he or she was and didn’t provoke the dog. What the owner knew or didn’t know about the dog before the bite doesn’t matter. If the victim was legally allowed to be where he or she was and there’s no evidence that shows that the victim provoked the dog in someway then the plaintiff is at fault no matter what; hence the term “strict liability.” With strict liability, the power is with the plaintiff.

“One bite” laws: If you’re a dog bite law firm in Las Vegas, NV, then this is the type of law you’re likely to encounter. Being one of the first laws regarding dog bites, it’s changed a bit throughout the years. While the original law allows a dog “one free bite” the emphasis today is on whether the owner knew if there was any reason the probability the dog biting was greater. If so, the owner’s job is to inform others that their dog might be a little more aggressive and prone to biting and what to do to avoid it. This puts a just a little power back into the defendant, if he or she is willing to use it.



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