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Being injured in any accident can be upsetting and painful. The consequences that unfold after the accident could be long term or permanent. When the accident could have been avoided, but happened because the driver of the car was intoxicated, things can be even more upsetting. If you were injured because of a drunk driver, please call a DUI lawyer Henderson, NV residents can trust from Eric Roy Law Firm. 

Time is of the essence. Not only is there a short window to gather important evidence, but there are statute of limitations. Call a DUI lawyer in Henderson, NV now. 

What Is the Statute of Limitations?

If you were recently injured in a drunk driving accident and are now considering filing a personal injury lawsuit, you may have heard the term “statute of limitations.” Most people never expect to find themselves in this kind of situation, so it is natural not to know how it works. However, the statute of limitations is a very important concept to understand. This guide will explain everything you need to know about what the statute of limitations is and how it affects you. If you don’t understand something here, please call a drunk driving accident law firm in Henderson, NV, such as Eric Roy Law Firm. 

The Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations is essentially the time limit you have to file a claim or lawsuit. If the statute of limitations is expired, then any case you file will simply be thrown out. The statute of limitations generally begins counting down at the time of your injury.

So how long is the statute of limitations? Its exact length varies greatly from one state to the next. The type of lawsuit also affects how long the statute of limitations is, but the only type of lawsuit you can file your situation would likely be a personal injury lawsuit. In 40 US states, the statute of limitations is either two or three years, giving you plenty of time to recover before having to tackle legal processes. In Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and Wyoming the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is either one, four, five, or six years. The first step you should take is to research exactly what your statute of limitations is or speak with a DUI lawyer in Henderson, NV to learn more.


There are only two major exceptions to the statute of limitations, which are both a part of the discovery rule. These exceptions are:

If one of these situations applies to you, then your total time to file a lawsuit will potentially be longer than the statute of limitations. It may sound strange for someone to be injured and not even realize it, but it can happen. Sometimes injuries can be subtle or can remain unknown until years later. It is a little more common for the identity of the person who caused the injury remain unknown. For example, in hit-and-run car accidents, this may very easily be the case.

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If you have any questions about your personal injury case, whether they are about the statute of limitations or something else, you should speak with a DUI lawyer in Henderson, NV from Eric Roy Law Firm to get in-depth answers.


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