Enterprise, NV - Multi-Car Crash, Vehicle Fire on 215 Bltwy at I-15

Enterprise, NV – Multi-Car Crash, Vehicle Fire on 215 Bltwy at I-15

Enterprise, NV (October 3, 2022) – Two persons were hurt in a car accident on October 23rd, early Monday evening, near Enterprise.

Preliminary reports indicate that the accident, which may have involved as many as three passenger autos, resulted in significant injuries to at least two people who were subsequently hospitalized. At 6:35 p.m., there was a collision on the 215 Beltway at I-15.

Over the course of the next week, police in Enterprise plan to share information on the number of casualties and the estimated amount of property damage caused by the incident.

At this time, we are keeping the injured victims in our thoughts and hoping for a speedy recovery for them.

Injury Accidents Across Enterprise

Enterprise, NV - Multi-Car Crash, Vehicle Fire on 215 Bltwy at I-15The number of people killed in car accidents in Clark County, Nevada, rose dramatically last year. The region’s population is now estimated to be around three million, and its rapid expansion is projected to continue. A city with 1,600,000 residents is bound to have heavy traffic. Millions of people visit or relocate to Las Vegas every year.

Because of the city’s large and varied population, Las Vegas’s roads often become congested. Sixty-one percent of the 270 people killed in Nevada car accidents that year were locals to Clark County. Please contact us right away if you or a loved one has been hurt in a car crash anywhere in the Las Vegas, Nevada region.

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