Henderson, NV - Multi-Vehicle Collision, Injuries at Horizon Dr & Greenway Rd Near Clark

Henderson, NV – Multi-Vehicle Collision, Injuries at Horizon Dr & Greenway Rd Near Clark

Henderson, NV (September 10, 2022) – Two persons were seriously injured in an automobile accident that occurred on September 10, Saturday afternoon, in the Henderson region of Las Vegas, not far from the Clark area.

There were at least three cars, and maybe four, involved, and two people who needed treatment at the site before being sent to the hospital. The Henderson Police Department responded to a three-car crash near the intersection of Horizon Drive and Greenway Road at 5:20 p.m. The Henderson Police Department has not yet confirmed the identity of the victims or disclosed specifics about their injuries, but they hope to do so within the next week as they reach the finish of their investigation.

Those who were injured continue to be in our thoughts, and we hope for a speedy and complete recovery for them.

Henderson Car Accidents & Victim Injuries

Henderson, NV - Multi-Vehicle Collision, Injuries at Horizon Dr & Greenway Rd Near ClarkIt would seem that Clark County, Nevada, drivers had a particularly bad 2016 regarding the rate of serious accidents. In fact, it is estimated that 2. 3 million people now reside in this county. With close to 1,600,000 permanent residents, there is usually a bustling atmosphere here. In addition, almost everyone in the area has instantaneous access to a private automobile. About 650,000 locals call Las Vegas home year-round, while an additional 40 million visitors pass through town yearly.

Taxis and buses, forms of public transit, are often used by both residents and visitors. Anyone can see in an instant how congested the streets and highways of a major city can become during rush hour. More than 160 individuals living in Clark County were among the roughly 280 persons who died in Nevada automobile accidents that year.

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