Jean, NV - Injuries Reported in Multi-Car Crash on I-15 at NV 161

Jean, NV – Injuries Reported in Multi-Car Crash on I-15 at NV 161

Jean, NV (August 6, 2022) – The Jean Police Department reports that a severe injury crash on Saturday, August 6, necessitated the shutdown of southbound I-15 and produced significant traffic backups.

The collision took place close to Nevada Highway 161 Exit 12. At about 9:10 p.m., EMTs are said to have taken at least two casualties to a nearby medical institution in Jean; however, their current conditions were not made public. Police advised other drivers to use other routes while the investigation was ongoing. No other information on those hurt was provided, although police requested nearby cars to get in touch if they had dashcam evidence of the collision.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people hurt in the car accident today for a speedy recovery.

Nevada Automobile Accident Victims

Jean, NV - Injuries Reported in Multi-Car Crash on I-15 at NV 161Nevada might have more than 700 traffic fatalities by the end of 2021, making it the worst year on the roads since 2002. Due to the predicted 260 fatalities in Clark County, the bulk of which are attributable to drunk driving, the state’s total death toll is expected to rise. Unfortunately and unfairly, victims are the ones who have to deal with lingering, life-long injuries as well as the effects of increased medical costs.

Operating a car, motorcycle, or bicycle in our city nearly always puts your safety in jeopardy and raises your risk of sustaining serious injuries. What’s more, a major collision on one of our multi-lane thoroughfares, highways, or city streets will most likely result in significant injuries or perhaps a terrible loss of life, regardless of your location, whether it be Reno, Henderson, Enterprise, Clark, or Las Vegas.

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