Las Vegas, NV - Cheyenne Ave Site of Injury Auto Accident at US 95

Las Vegas, NV – Cheyenne Ave Site of Injury Auto Accident at US 95

Las Vegas, NV (June 4, 2022) – At least one person was hurt, with possible serious injuries, in a multiple-vehicle accident that transpired in Northwest Las Vegas on Saturday afternoon, June 4, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The incident reportedly occurred at 1:55 p.m. on westbound Cheyenne Avenue/Highway 574 at U.S. Highway 95, totally closing the route. A short time later, medics were dispatched to the site of the accident and treated at least one injured victim. Unknown are the entire number of wounded people and their present status.

At this moment, the cause of the accident is still being investigated, and further details will be published in the following days.

The wounded victims, as well as their loved ones,  are in our thoughts and we are hoping for their full recovery.

Las Vegas Motor Vehicle Crash Injuries

Las Vegas, NV - Cheyenne Ave Site of Injury Auto Accident at US 95

Many wrong-way and head-on collisions involving fatalities in the state of Nevada have been caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs, according to Nevada state officials. A nearly 15-year high in the number of people killed or seriously hurt in traffic accidents in Nevada last year was the consequence of drunk driving.

Worse still, there have been more than twice the number of fatal automobile accidents in Nevada this year compared to the same period in 2020. Approximately 35 accidents and over 32 fatalities occurred in the state over this time period. There have also been over a hundred crashes in Clark County, resulting in over a hundred fatalities, since the start of the year 2021.

From the start of the year to now, this represents an increase of more than 42%. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a shock, then, to learn that Nevada claims one of the highest numbers of fatal vehicle accidents per capita across the country. When a victim passes away as a direct result of one of these incidents, the individuals who were closest to them are often put in an extremely dangerous position.

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