Las Vegas, NV - Injury Car Accident on I-15 at US 95

Las Vegas, NV – Injury Car Accident on I-15 at US 95

Las Vegas, NV (September 7, 2022) – Three vehicles collided in the Las Vegas metropolitan area at about 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, September 7th, injuring a handful of individuals.

As a result, the first responders who arrived didn’t know how many victims needed medical treatment or how severe their injuries were. Drivers were asked to avoid the area of I-15 at Highway 95 as Las Vegas police performed an investigation and cleaned up the scene. The police will have additional information to provide after they have interviewed all involved parties and relevant witnesses.

The Metropolitan Police Department is now looking into the situation and would want to contact anybody who may have witnessed this incident earlier today.

Our hearts go out to the injured victims and their families, and we are hoping for the victims’ complete recovery.

Collisions in Nevada Leading to Serious Injuries

The Nevada Transportation Authority reports an increase in traffic fatalities from January to June of 2022. Nationally, the mortality rate is up 11%, but it’s greatest in Nevada. The number of fatalities and seriously injured people in Clark County climbed by at least 25 percent between January and June. Most Nevadans still depend on their own cars to get about, but the recent rise in gas prices may have prevented many fatal accidents in the state’s major metropolitan areas.

There seems to have been an increase in the number of fatalities that may be linked to accidents during the previous three years, despite increases in funding for highway maintenance, fuel prices, the implementation of COVID-19, and limitations on shutdowns. Victims of car accidents who escape with minor injuries and little property damage may have to deal with psychological and economic fallout for years to come. If you or a loved one have been hurt in an accident in Nevada and you think the other party was at fault, don’t hesitate to call the Eric Roy Law Firm in Las Vegas as soon as you’re able to do so.

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