Las Vegas, NV - Injury Car Accident on US 95 at Flamingo Rd in Paradise

Las Vegas, NV – Injury Car Accident on US 95 at Flamingo Rd in Paradise

Las Vegas, NV (September 8, 2022) – Three automobiles crashed in the Paradise area of the Las Vegas metropolitan region at roughly 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 8th, hurting a handful of victims.

Initially, responders weren’t sure of how many people had been hurt or the number of victims who required further medical attention. While Las Vegas police conducted their investigation and cleared the site, motorists were requested to stay away from the Highway 95 and Flamingo Road intersection.

EMTs eventually transported two people from the scene, though their present conditions are unknown.

After interviewing all parties and pertinent witnesses, the police will have more information to provide. The Metropolitan Police Department is now investigating but is still seeking to speak with witnesses who may have extra information about the incident.

We hope for a speedy recovery for the wounded and offer our best wishes to the victims and their loved ones.

Serious Injuries Reported in Auto Accidents Across Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV - Injury Car Accident on US 95 at Flamingo Rd in ParadiseFrom January through June of 2022, there was an increase in road fatalities, according to the Nevada Transportation Authority. Even if the national increase in mortality rate is 11%, it is highest in Nevada. Between January and June, there was a 25 percent increase in deaths and severe injuries in Clark County. The majority of Nevadans still rely on their own automobiles to move about, but the recent increase in petrol costs may have avoided many tragic accidents in the state’s main urban centers. Despite increased funding for highway maintenance, gasoline costs, the introduction of COVID-19, and restrictions on shutdowns, there seems to have been an increase in the number of deaths that may be attributed to accidents during the last three years.

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