Las Vegas, NV - Major Car Crash, Injuries on I-15 at Sahara Ave Under Investigation

Las Vegas, NV – Major Car Crash, Injuries on I-15 at Sahara Ave Under Investigation

Las Vegas, NV (August 13, 2022) – As of Saturday night, August 13th, the most up-to-date police reports suggest that an accident on a nearby route resulted in injuries to at least one passenger.

An incident occurred on northbound I-15 just around 9:35 p.m., just beyond Sahara Avenue. In a matter of minutes, medics and emergency responders arrived to help the hurt. One of the two drivers involved in the accident is suspected of having left the scene by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and local authorities, although it is unclear whether the driver they suspect is responsible has been discovered.

One of the drivers or passengers was taken to the hospital by paramedics, according to the police report. The current investigation has not led authorities to ascertain the total number of victims or injuries.

A member of the LVMPD should be notified promptly by any witnesses or bystanders.

Those who were hurt in today’s vehicle crash are in our thoughts and prayers.

Rate of Serious Vehicle Accidents and Injuries in Nevada

Las Vegas, NV - Major Car Crash, Injuries on I-15 at Sahara Ave Under InvestigationDespite Nevada’s reputation as a primarily rural state, its urban centers are where the bulk of fatalities and serious injuries occur. The findings show that although just under 70% of fatal crashes occur in urban areas, almost one-third of them occur in rural locations. In Nevada, fatal accidents occur more often between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m., when more commuters are on the roads than they do between midnight and 6:00 a.m.

Additionally, between the hours of 6:00 and 9:00 p.m., nearly 19% of all fatal crashes took place. And it’s even worse since Nevada has witnessed an increase in both traffic fatalities and deadly crashes over the last decade. Recent data from the Office of Traffic Safety indicates that there were 285 traffic-related deaths and 304 total fatalities in the preceding year. Over 1,000 people in the state were seriously injured as a result of car accidents the same year. Severe injuries to almost every part of the body are possible in car accidents, leaving sufferers in a precarious situation physically, financially, and emotionally.

Traumatic brain injuries, which occur when the brain is damaged by a blow to the head or a penetrating injury, are common among people who have been in car accidents. A total of 50,000 people every year lose their lives to traumatic brain injuries, and another 80,000 to 90,000 live with some kind of lifelong disability as a result of it. Despite the terrible disaster you were put through, there may still be options available to you. You and your loved ones may rest easy knowing that the Eric Roy Law Firm will do all in our power to provide you with great counsel in your personal injury case if you engage our services.

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