Las Vegas, NV - Man Killed in Pedestrian Wreck at Cheyenne Ave & Rowland St

Las Vegas, NV – Man Killed in Pedestrian Wreck at Cheyenne Ave & Rowland St

Las Vegas, NV (October 4, 2022) – After being struck by a car early on Monday morning near the intersection of Cheyenne Avenue and Jones Boulevard, a wheelchair-bound pedestrian tragically passed away at the hospital.

According to authorities, the accident occurred at the corner of Cheyenne Avenue and Rowland Street, which is east of Jones Boulevard. The victim, a pedestrian, was taken to University Medical Center by emergency crews but was pronounced dead there.

The police report that the driver of the involved vehicle stayed at the site. As police continue their investigation into the fatality, the intersection of Cheyenne and Rowland has been closed. People were urged to leave the area.

Our hearts go out to the deceased victim’s loved ones.

Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident Deaths

Las Vegas, NV - Man Killed in Pedestrian Wreck at Cheyenne Ave & Rowland StAccording to the Nevada Department of Transportation, more people will be killed or injured in car accidents in the state that year. These sad tendencies are expected to develop even worse by 2021 compared to their apex in 2002.

Per the statistics, the number of traffic fatalities in Nevada rose from 280 in 2016 to 370 in 2017. More than 250 pedestrians have been killed in collisions in Clark County over the past decade, which is obviously a major cause for alarm.

What’s more terrible is that speeding and intoxicated driving contributed to these tragic accidents. These events led to an increase in pedestrian injuries and fatalities. By the end of 2021, authorities expect 95 pedestrian deaths to have occurred within the state, though this number and the precise numbers are still up for debate. When drivers aren’t paying attention, pedestrians are at a higher risk of being injured or killed.

Distractions like texting, talking on the phone, or fiddling with the radio can all have disastrous consequences when driving. It’s terrible enough that an accident caused these losses, but now the victims’ loved ones must deal with their grief and the financial repercussions. Even if they can recover completely, some victims may have to pay for their medical bills and account for lost wages.

If you or a loved one were wounded in an avoidable accident, you might be entitled to take legal action. You should see a local attorney if you or a loved one were harmed or died in a pedestrian accident in Las Vegas. Our attorneys at the Eric Roy Law Firm in Las Vegas take pride in aiding and representing pedestrian accident victims because of the potentially devastating effects on their lives. Equally, as we accept cases for injured clients and their families on a contingency fee basis, we also think that no one should be denied legal representation due to an inability to pay.

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