Las Vegas, NV - Semi-Truck Wreck, Injuries on I-15 at Sahara Ave

Las Vegas, NV – Semi-Truck Wreck, Injuries on I-15 at Sahara Ave

Las Vegas, NV (July 5, 2022) – On Tuesday morning, July 5, the Metro Police Department responded to a tractor-trailer collision in which at least one person was wounded.

At 9:55 a.m., an accident on southbound I-15 at Exit 40 and Sahara Avenue stopped multiple lanes of traffic. Las Vegas emergency medical workers and other local responders were sent to the location to assess the seriousness of the victims’ injuries, creating a one-hour traffic jam.

According to accounts, the LVMPD and paramedics on the site have no idea what caused the collision or the extent of the injuries inflicted. Despite the fact that the official inquiry into what caused today’s traffic incident is still underway, no new or further information has surfaced.

We sincerely wish that all of today’s truck accident victims fully recover.

Truck Accident Injuries in the Las Vegas Area

Las Vegas, NV - Semi-Truck Wreck, Injuries on I-15 at Sahara AveThe Nevada Departments of Transportation and Public Safety have a public awareness campaign aimed at reducing road deaths in the state. According to transportation and safety experts, the majority of deaths are the result of driving mistakes that might have been avoided. They identify driving actions that have the greatest potential to save lives, such as the following:

  • Maintaining sobriety and alertness
  • Ensuring that everyone in a car is wearing a seat belt
  • Taking additional precautions at crossroads

Passengers in passenger vehicles are likewise advised to exercise caution near heavy trucks. Per National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics, tractor-trailer accidents accounted for 7% of Nevada deaths in just one year alone. Truck drivers have wide blind areas and need significantly more space to maneuver or come to a full stop. Victims are undoubtedly more vulnerable on our roads, particularly after such a devastating semi-truck tragedy.

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