Lyft Accident Attorney Henderson, NV

Lyft Accident Attorney Henderson, NV

Lyft Accident Attorney Henderson, NevadaFor one reason or another, we’ve all used a ridesharing service whether while on vacation or in a hurry in our hometown. Ridesharing services are a cheap convenient service to call upon when you just need to get from point A to point B.

So what happens when you are involved in an auto accident with a Lyft employed vehicle? Often you might get short-changed on your compensation. Given that Lyft overinsures its employees, an inexperienced lawyer won’t have the knowledge of the states’ ever-changing legislation on rideshare services to be able to negotiate a fair sum for compensation. But not with Eric Roy Law Firm, a Lyft accident attorney in Henderson, Nevada. With Eric Roy Law Firm, we fight to get the maximum compensation and our expertise on all types of auto accidents extends to Lyft accidents.

Increased Congestion and Likeliness of Accidents

In the months before rideshare service Uber was launched, traffic deaths were at their lowest since 1949 at 32,885 fatal accidents. The trend reversed after the introduction of Uber and recent studies also have shown that the services’ presence has increased traffic congestion and Lyft accidents in turn.

A great contributor to this congestion is a practice performed by rideshare drivers called “deadheading.” This refers to the phenomenon of rideshare drivers searching and waiting for their next client. In any one “shift” drivers will spend 40 to 60% of their time just searching for passengers. It was found that in New York City alone that most drivers will travel a combined 2.8 miles in between clients. This congestion has increased the likeliness of getting into an accident, this along with the likeliness that the person that could be involved in said auto accident is a Lyft driver. Thus increasing the need for a good Lyft accident attorney in Henderson, Nevada.

Causes of Accidents

When retrieving a client to pick them up, Lyft drivers can get distracted on the road as they mainly rely on their phone’s app to get to their client’s location all the way down to the route they’re even allowed to use to get there. While most states have provisions allowing for hands-free phone usage (especially in consideration for rideshare services) a driver nonetheless will have to divert a measure of their focus from the road to the app and in those moments, including before and afterward, can the probability of a Lyft accident increase.

Why Eric Roy Law Firm?

When finding a Lyft accident attorney in Henderson, Nevada you need to find a law firm that’s experienced in handling all the nuances that’ll arise in a Lyft accident case. These cases are different than your usual auto accident and must be handled as such. Another lawyer, that’s merely interested in getting his or her hands on any case will quickly find themselves stumped when presented with the extra obstacles that arise when handling a Lyft accident case, but Eric Roy Law Firm is experienced in handling these cases. We know the traps and all the attempts to make your damages seem less than they are and won’t let rideshare or insurance companies cheat you out of the compensation you deserve. Call Eric Roy Law Firm today at 702-423-3333 to get your free consultation started!