Medical Malpractice in a Nursing Home

Nursing Home Attorney in Las Vegas, NV

If people pay for the service of being able to get their senior relative taken care of then that relative should receive all the amenities that one should expect from a elderly care facility. And while being a caretaker much less running a facility for taking care of elderly citizens is a difficult task, they nonetheless deserve the best service that increases and maintains their quality of life.

A significant part of this is the resident’s medication. With prescriptions by doctors and administrations by nurses and other staff, we expect the prescription they give to be accurate, beneficial and administered in such a manner that it will take the intended effect. Sometimes though, there are scenarios where the medication given causes adverse effects that severely affects the resident’s health and a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada would call this “nursing home malpractice.”

It’s a combination of nursing home abuse and medical malpractice and one must investigate this with the elements of both case types in mind. After all, this isn’t categorized as merely receiving an adverse effect from the wrong drug prescription, there are actually quite a few ways that one can become a victim of medical malpractice:

1. The prescription is administered in the wrong manner by a nursing staff (muscles instead of the bloodstream, intravenously instead of ingested.)
2. The prescription reacts negatively with the persons allergies, diet or other prescriptions.
3. The person is prescribed the wrong medication by a doctor or the several medications prescribed were mislabeled.
4. The nursing home staff gives out a medication to the wrong person or the wrong amount of it.

Given that most nursing homes hire in-house doctors that collaborate with staff, these mistakes can come from several persons that work in the overall facility. But in the end, the nursing facility is responsible for the actions of its staff as is standard in most personal injury cases.

A personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada will obtain medical records to see what was done and how, as well as medical expert witnesses to certify whether or not the right things were done according to standard protocols that all medical professionals are expected to follow. This is also while taking into account the recent advances in health as well as the resources available to the facility.

More often than not, the medical records will hold the mistake the doctor made as physicians usually don’t have good excuses for their actions. If they are making that many mistakes that they can formulate excuses on the fly, they probably shouldn’t be practicing health in the first place.

The effects of a nursing prescription error can range from minor to severe, but if you suspect a loved one to be the victim of nursing malpractice, then see a doctor immediately; keeping the records of your visit. Then see a nursing home abuse law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada.