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In Nevada, motorcycle accidents result in thousands of serious and potentially life-threatening injuries each year. While crashes and collisions generally occur as sudden, traumatic events, it is important for drivers and their passengers to be aware of the risks. In addition to being conscientious about avoiding the common types of reckless driving behaviors that make motorcycle accidents more likely to occur, such as speeding, driving under the influence, and disregarding traffic signals, you should also be aware of the most common types of collisions. If you have been injured in a crash, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV clients recommend finding out what legal recourse you may have against the driver that caused the accident.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Las Vegas, NV

What To Do If You Are In A Motorcycle Accident

Accidents can happen even to the most experienced riders, and when they do, it is important to have a motorcycle accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV riders trust. If you find yourself in an accident, the first thing you should do is get to safety. If you are badly injured, leave your bike in the middle of the road and get yourself as far from oncoming traffic as possible. Keep all of your equipment on until law enforcement or first responders arrive. Obviously, ensuring your safety is the most important thing you can do after an accident. 

Once you are safe, assess your injuries and call 911. Be as detailed as possible about your exact location, what happened, and what kind of assistance is needed. If you know, tell them how many people appear to be injured and what kind of injuries have been sustained. While not necessary, if you are able to, be sure to gather evidence. Take photos of the damage to the motorcycle, the damage to the vehicle, and injuries you sustained as well as identifying information, such as the insurance card of the driver and license plates. This evidence will be important when you seek reparations for the damages done to you through your Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer. 

While you are documenting the evidence, be sure to keep in mind your safety, the first responders will likely arrive. Tell them what happened. Even if you think you may have done something wrong, do not admit fault, but rather factually explain what happened without editorializing. After the accident, it is important to contact a Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer. 

Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Statistics

According to the statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 5,000 are killed each year as a result of motorcycle accidents. Another 90,000 victims are injured in motorcycle crashes, many of those victims suffering serious to catastrophic injuries. 

Common Types of Vehicle Accident Collisions

On local, state, and national levels, there are a variety of programs designed to raise awareness of the risky behaviors that make car and motorcycle accidents and injuries more likely. However, many people are unaware of the most common types of crashes and collisions. According to vehicle safety advocates, the following are four common ways in which most crashes happen. Each motorcycle accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV from our firm knows that many of our clients have suffered serious injuries in these types of collisions:

  •       Rear-End Collisions: As one of the most common types of car accidents, these occur when one driver hits the rear of another. These accidents are more likely in high traffic conditions and when reckless driving behaviors such as speeding, going too fast for conditions, tailgating, and distracted driving are involved. If a motorcycle is a front vehicle, the injuries to that rider can be devastating.
  •       Side Impact Collisions: Another common type of vehicle accident, these often occur in intersections when one car slams directly into the motorcycle. Common causes include running stop signs or traffic signals and driving under the influence.
  •       Sideswipe Collisions: These types of car accidents often occur when both the car and motorcycle are headed in the same direction and the side of the car collides against the motorcycle. They are commonly the result of aggressive driving behaviors, such as improper passing and failure to yield.
  •       Head-On Collisions: These are among the least common but most potentially deadly types of accidents. They occur when a driver in an opposing lane or on a one-way street crashes head-on into a motorcycle. Alcohol use is a common factor in these accidents. The rate of fatality for motorcyclists in these crashes is extremely high.

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5 Injuries Common For Motorcycle Accidents

As a motorcycle accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV residents trust Eric Roy Law Firm has seen before, motorcycle accident injuries tend to be severe and require medical attention. If you were injured in any of the following ways or more, and it was the fault of someone else, then we advise contacting our team now for prompt assistance. We can work hard to get you the compensation you need to pay off medical bills and receive financial support for the future.

#1 Lower-Extremity Injury

These injuries refer to bodily damage that occurs below the waist, often to the pelvis and legs. When riding a motorcycle, the pelvis and legs are two areas that are most likely to absorb the force of impact when a collision happens, due to the position of the rider on the motorcycle itself. A severe lower-extremity injury can disable a victim from being able to walk again, either temporarily or permanently. Victims of motorcycle accidents with lower-extremity injuries must reach out to our legal team today so that we can get to work on your case, and ensure you get the medical attention you need now and for the long term.

#2 Upper-Extremity Injury

Aside from lower-extremity injuries, upper-extremity injuries are the second most prevalent motorcycle accident injuries. A motorcyclist may sustain injuries to their head, face, neck, abdomen, and thorax. Riders who are over the age of 40 experience these types of injuries more compared to younger riders, specifically when it comes to broken ribs. Older riders tend to have a larger stature and heavier motorcycles, which may provide more coverage from lower extremity injuries. Furthermore, older riders suffer from thoracic injuries more commonly because bigger motorcycles can turnover more easily.

#3 Traumatic Head Injury

Motorcyclists must always wear a helmet and other gear to help deflect some force of impact if a crash happens. However, despite a helmet, a motorcyclist can still sustain traumatic head injuries. These injuries can entail concussion, whiplash, skull fracture, brain bleeding and inflammation, and more. Such injuries must receive emergency medical attention immediately, as they can quickly develop into life-threatening conditions. Symptoms common for traumatic head injuries include loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting, blurry vision, sleeping excessively, insomnia, mood changes, aggravation, and memory loss.

#4 Scarring and Disfigurement

A motorcyclist may have been ejected off the bike and landed on the pavement. Road rash and burns can lead to scarring and disfigurement, particularly for facial injuries. Surgery may be needed in some cases so that the wounds can heal properly. Scarring, burns, and disfigurement can not only have a physical impact on the victim but emotionally too. Those with these injuries may suffer from a lack of self-worth and become socially anxious. When discussing your injuries with your Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer, be completely forthcoming about the ways that your physical and mental health has been adversely affected.

#5 Mental Anguish

Being hit while on a motorcycle is not an easy experience to go through. Many riders go through much anxiety when on the road because no matter how careful they may be, another reckless driver could come around and ruin everything for them. All it takes is one careless driver to speed, run a red light, fail to yield, or otherwise maneuver in a way that causes them to hit a motorcyclist. As a Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer can empathize, the mental anguish can be a side effect for victims of motorcycle accidents, especially if there was significant property damage, bodily injury, and loss of life.

Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Law FAQs

How Common Are Las Vegas Motorcycle Accidents?

A motorcycle accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV families turn to is aware that in 2021, the state of Nevada had the highest number of traffic fatalities since 2006. But motorcycle accident deaths had the highest jump – 32 percent more people were killed in motorcycle crashes than the year before. The majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by other drivers.

When sharing the road with motorcycles, drivers should take care to avoid serious or fatal traffic accidents with motorcyclists. Motorcycles can be difficult to see when drivers are distracted and not paying attention to them. 

Does The Size of The Motorcycle Affect Safety?

Drivers should remember that motorcycles may appear further away when viewed in vehicle mirrors because of the motorcycles’ sizes. This may cause a driver who cannot gauge how closely a motorcycle is traveling to be involved in an accident. Drivers should find ways to better judge the distance between them and a motorcycle, for example by counting the time it takes the motorcycle to pass a standing object.

How do Blind Spots Affect a Driver’s Ability to See Motorcycles?

Drivers should also routinely check their blind spots before changing lanes or making other traffic maneuvers. This would also help avoid accidents with other cars in the blind spots. Relying solely on side mirrors to check the blind spots can cause a driver to fail to spot a hidden motorcyclist. If safe to do so, it is best for the driver to turn his head to check the blind spot.

Do Motorcycles Have The Same Rights as Other Vehicle Drivers?

A Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer understands that vehicle drivers should also remember that motorcycles are allowed to use the roads in the same manner as cars. Therefore, drivers should not try to “share” lanes with motorcycles or pass them unsafely because it looks like there is more room. Drivers should also not assume that motorcyclists can maneuver faster to move out of their way. Running a motorcycle off the road while attempting to make such a pass can result in a fatality.

Motorcyclists also need to ensure that they are taking precautions to avoid accidents. Nevada does have mandatory helmet laws for both operators and passengers. Motorcyclists should also always wear additional protective clothing. In addition, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that the percentage of intoxicated motorcyclists who are involved in fatal crashes is greater than that of intoxicated car drivers. Therefore, motorcyclists should not ride drunk. A Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer knows that the consequences of riding drunk can be more serious than just a DUI arrest and conviction.

Why Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, you may not think you need an attorney, but it is always wise to contact one as soon as is feasible. If you contact an attorney soon after an accident, chances are the details will be fresh in your mind. Motorcycle accident attorneys can help you recover expenses you have incurred including: 

  • Medical expenses. Medical expenses can include an expensive hospital stay, prescription drugs, and possibly even surgery depending on the severity of the accident. They can include follow-up appointments and consultations with multiple medical specialists. These expenses add up quickly. 
  • Lost wages. Whether you miss a few days of work or are out for months, lost wages can have serious consequences for an individual and should be taken into consideration when assessing compensation. In the most extreme cases, individuals affected by a motorcycle accident may even be unable to keep the job they had before the accident. 
  • Future expenses. Sometimes injuries linger. Whether physical or psychological, you may be bearing an increased financial burden for months or even years into the future. 

Do not try to handle a claim alone when you could have a motorcycle accident lawyer advocate on your behalf, doing their best to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your expenses both now and in the future. 

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