Negligence Lawyer Las Vegas, NV

Negligence Lawyer Las Vegas, NV

Negligence Lawyer Las Vegas, NVIf you have ever rented an apartment in Las Vegas, you have likely experienced occasions where your landlord failed to address potentially dangerous conditions on your property in a timely manner. When personal injuries occur as a result of this type of negligence, you may be able to hold the property owner or the management teams legally accountable for your damages through a premises liability claim. A negligence lawyer Las Vegas, NV has to offer, such as one from Eric Roy Law Firm should be sought. 

‘Accidents’ Resulting from Premises Liability

According to Nevada law, property owners and managers can be held liable for injuries that occur as a result of their negligence. This may include injuries that occur because of dangerous conditions that the person failed to repair, as well as injuries due to the property owner failing to warn visitors.

As a negligence lawyer in Las Vegas, NV might explain, when it comes to landlord/tenant relations, this can become a murky area. Depending on the lease you sign, the tenant may be held responsible for making certain, common repairs to their living spaces on their own, and for reporting more serious conditions to a management company. If you are injured as the result of torn carpeting in your home, yet failed to alert the property manager, there is likely no way they could have known of the situation or the need for repairs. 

Landlords are generally responsible for making needed repairs once they are reported, as well as for maintaining the safety of public areas. This means that you may be able to hold either your landlord or property manager accountable for injuries, such as slip and falls or being struck by an object, due to the following conditions:

  •       Uneven sidewalks
  •       Cluttered or debris-strewn halls and walkways
  •       Inadequate lighting on paths and stairways
  •       Lack of handrails for steps and balconies
  •       Unsecured lighting or other fixtures
  •       General disrepair, resulting in loose bricks, ceiling tiles, or other building parts

The aforementioned examples are not exhaustive. If you were injured on a premise and believe a landlord is responsible, please do not delay in calling a negligence lawyer in Las Vegas, NV from Eric Roy Law Firm. 

Holding Property Owners Accountable for Security Risks

An additional type of dangerous condition that should give tenants cause for concern is the lack of security provided at apartment complexes. There have been countless incidents in State and across the country of violent crimes that have occurred in apartments and housing complexes. Depending on the circumstances of the case, the property manager or property owner could be held liable for injuries tenants suffer at the hands of other tenants or intruders if the owners failed to take the steps needed to keep tenants safe, such as installing alarms, requiring key code entrances, and hiring extra security guards. In the event that a lack of security on a premise caused you harm, please call a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV right away. 

Our Personal Injury Attorneys Are Here to Assist You

If you have been injured due to dangerous property conditions, call Eric Roy Law Firm and request a consultation with a negligence lawyer in Las Vegas, NV. We can review the details of your situation and advise you on your rights to a claim. Get the professional legal representation you need to protect your rights and contact our office today.