North Las Vegas, NV - Driver Hurt in Semi-Truck Accident Involving Train on Range Rd

North Las Vegas, NV – Driver Hurt in Semi-Truck Accident Involving Train on Range Rd

North Las Vegas, NV (July 14, 2022) – After colliding with a train in North Las Vegas in the late afternoon on Thursday, July 13, one driver was hospitalized.

At about 4:50 p.m., firefighters from the City of North Las Vegas Fire Department responded to a railway collision with a semi-truck at Range Road. The semi-truck driver was carried to the emergency room with minor injuries, and though no additional details were available, the reason for the collision is currently under investigation. Authorities anticipate concluding their investigation within the next couple of weeks, however, no more information has been made public.

Our thoughts and well wishes are with today’s truck accident victims.

North Las Vegas Tractor-Trailer Crashes

North Las Vegas, NV - Driver Hurt in Semi-Truck Accident Involving Train on Range RdYou probably travel alongside enormous commercial trucks if you often visit Las Vegas and the surrounding region. These big trucks are ubiquitous, but if you are involved in an accident with one, it might be fatal. There is a considerable chance of deaths, major injuries, and substantial property damage when two or more big vehicles crash. Medical bills and missed wages may significantly impact catastrophe victims’ income.

If you were in a car that was struck by a commercial truck or tractor-trailer, the implications may have been catastrophic. In addition, commercial and transportation companies may be hesitant to pay for the negligence or other inappropriate conduct of contracted drivers, further complicating the process of winning these claims and making it difficult to do so.

Drivers must approach or stay behind these cars with considerable care to avoid getting into an accident that might be fatal. Accidents involving tractor-trailers are responsible for more than  11% of all deaths that occur in Nevada each year, according to data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It’s possible that this may lead to hazardous circumstances on the roads if truck drivers don’t have enough room to stop or turn their vehicles.

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