Paradise, NV - Hit-and-Run at Warm Springs & Paradise Rds Ends in Injuries

Paradise, NV – Hit-and-Run at Warm Springs & Paradise Rds Ends in Injuries

Paradise, NV (August 15, 2022) – On Monday, August 15, at about 6:05 p.m. in the evening, a hit-and-run motorist departed the scene of an accident that had left at least one passenger injured at a major intersection in the region.

The collision occurred at the junction of Warm Springs Road and Paradise Road at around 7:25 p.m. Ten minutes after the first 911 call, paramedics from the city of Paradise arrived. Local authorities and the Paradise Police Department conducted an initial investigation and determined that one of the two drivers involved had left the scene and the other had been transferred to the hospital by ambulance. 

The PPD is conducting an investigation and is interested in speaking with anybody who may have information about the incident.

We wish a speedy recovery to everybody who was hurt in this accident.

Accidents and Injuries in Paradise Due to Hit-and-Run Drivers

Paradise, NV - Hit-and-Run at Warm Springs & Paradise Rds Ends in InjuriesThe United States has more fatal collisions than any other developed country. In point of fact, every day in the United States, around 29 individuals are killed in alcohol-impaired car accidents. In the United States, drunk driving is still responsible for over 10,000 deaths yearly, despite a 30% decline in fatalities over the last three decades.

This includes driving under the influence of prescription or over-the-counter pharmaceuticals as well as illegal narcotics. The 2013 to 2014 National Roadside Survey employed a stratified random sample of weekend nighttime drivers in the 48 contiguous states and gathered data directly from drivers on the road to quantify drug usage among American drivers. According to this research, officials then stated that nearly 20% of weekend drivers tested positive for substances that could impair driving abilities.

Distracted driving, on the other hand, is the failure to dedicate one’s complete concentration to the task of safe driving. Common distractions include cell phone use, texting, eating, conversing with passengers, and changing the audio or navigation system. In 2016, distracted driving killed over 3,500 people, and distracted driving is also cited as the original cause of many hit-and-run incidents.

The hit-and-run rate has been rising at a compounded annual rate of 8% over the last decade. Leaving the site of an accident you caused in Nevada is considered a misdemeanor, and officials say that offenders face up to six months in jail and a $2,000 fine.

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Disclaimer: None of the information provided in this post should be misconstrued as legal or medical advice. This post is not intended to be a solicitation for business. The photo depicted in this post was not taken at the actual accident scene.

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