Paradise, NV - Semi-Truck Wreck, Injuries on I-15 at Spring Mtn Rd

Paradise, NV – Semi-Truck Wreck, Injuries on I-15 at Spring Mtn Rd

Paradise, NV (July 3, 2022) – On Sunday evening, July 3, the Paradise Police Department responded to a tractor-trailer incident in which at least one person was wounded.

Multiple lanes of the thoroughfare were blocked at roughly 11:20 p.m. due to an accident on northbound I-15 at Spring Mountain Road. Emergency medical workers from Paradise and various other local responders were sent to the location to assess the severity of the victims’ injuries, resulting in a one-hour traffic jam.

According to accounts, the PPD and paramedics on the site are still unsure of what caused the crash or the extent of the injuries inflicted. Although the official inquiry into what caused today’s traffic collision is still underway, no new or further information has surfaced.

We sincerely and fully hope that all of the victims of today’s truck accident recover completely.

Truck Accident Injuries in the Paradise Area

Paradise, NV - Semi-Truck Wreck, Injuries on I-15 at Spring Mtn RdTransporters and other large, heavy commercial trucks are becoming involved in more accidents in the Las Vegas metropolitan region. That’s why over 46,500 complaints of serious occurrences like this were filed with the Nevada Department of Transportation in the prior year. This was the first time ever that trucks were to blame for more than one-sixth of the state’s traffic-related fatalities. There are many fatal truck accidents in Nevada because of the state’s enormous system of interstates and major roadways.

Tractor-trailer accidents have claimed the lives of more than 4,200 Nevadans in the past decade, as seen by the ominous traffic pattern. US Route 93, Highway 604, Interstate 15, and Highway 95 link Carson City and several other surrounding regions to Reno, Las Vegas, and additional major cities.

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