4 Biggest Mistakes Personal Injury Victims Make Without a Lawyer

4 Biggest Mistakes Personal Injury Victims Make Without a Lawyer

     Personal Injury victims often wonder when they should call a lawyer after an accident. It is always better to speak with a lawyer sooner rather than later because most cases need immediate action, such as witness statements. When victims do not contact a lawyer right away, mistakes happen.

  1. You gave a recorded statement

Most insurance claims adjusters tell clients they need a recorded statement before they even consider making a settlement offer. In most cases this is simply untrue. Insurance adjusters will use this recorded statement as a means for cross examination at trial or even to lower their settlement offer.  If our attorneys allow for recorded statements, they do so under controlled environments to minimize any damage to our client’s case.

  1. Settling the case without full knowledge of the extent of your injuries

Personal Injury victims are sometimes unaware of what exactly to give the insurance companies to receive a higher settlement offer. In order to give the insurance company a reason to give you a fair offer, victims need records of all their medical bills. If you settle your case before all the documentation is ready, you are minimizing your chance of receiving a just offer.


  1. Taking the Insurance company’s final offer

Insurance companies often present their initial offer as their final offer to clients. If you are without counsel, it could be difficult to consider or even push for a higher offer. Many victims take the final offer when they could have received more compensation for their accident injuries.

  1. Assuming the insurance adjusters are your friends

If you contact an insurance company without the help of a lawyer, insurance claim adjusters are often really nice to you. However, this is a front. Insurance adjusters are trying to get the best deal for their company.  That best deal includes offering you as a little money as possible. Attorneys at our firm will speak with insurance adjusters for you to ensure your receive as much compensation at possible.

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