Employees vs. Customers: Taking Appropriate Actions in Altercations

Employees vs. Customers: Taking Appropriate Actions in Altercations

Have you ever encountered an employee of an establishment who was incredibly aggressive for no reason? Maybe you were the employee and you got aggressive because they were doing something they weren’t supposed to or something you didn’t like.

Under the vast majority of instances, when it comes to physical assaults committed by employees against customers, there are few to no justifications and the employee will be seen as in the wrong; this is exactly what employees of a shopping center in Las Vegas near the 215 and Decatur Blvd. thought about a recent shooting committed by a security guard against a homeless man in the complex’s parking lot.

According to News 3 Las Vegas, the two had engaged in an argument shortly after midnight, which at some point during the verbal altercation, the security guard killed him, having shot his gun 6 times.

Police have not released info on the subject of the argument, but it’s highly probable that the security guard will be found at fault, as he was not defending himself from an attack. And even if he was defending himself from the transient’s fists, responding with gun violence still wouldn’t be an appropriate defensive measure.

The law is against “excessive” defensive measures like “bringing a gun to a knife fight,” but even if a minor crime was committed like a trespass, if the issue can be resolved nonviolently by calling the police. Ultimately, one should take the action resulting in the least injuries for both parties.

As it is the job of the metropolitan police to ensure peace while being authorized to use force if necessary, the guard should’ve called police if he wanted the homeless man to be charged or leave by use of force.

Most companies are aware of laws regarding employee altercations with customers, so they have procedures and policies that have freed them of liability in the case of a lawsuit regarding an employee assaulting a customer.

Even if you feel the individual deserves the assault for a reason other than self-defense, you wouldn’t want to be lose your job or be charged with a crime, so make sure you take appropriate actions.

If someone is committing a crime, call the police and leave it to the professionals. If someone is just getting on your nerves, the best thing is to swallow your pride and ignore it.