Insecurity: A History of Homicides and Negligent Security at The Stateside Lounge

Insecurity: A History of Homicides and Negligent Security at The Stateside Lounge

Some of them will stand out, while others will remain unseen. Protection services, whether in-house or third party, remain a vital part of ensuring a safe, enjoyable experience when visiting any public venue of entertainment.

Companies pay for the protection services and we pay the companies in turn, having peace of mind knowing that our experience will remain injury and homicide-free. However, the real world isn’t so simple and every now and then, you might have negligent security where their lack of vigilance and attentiveness will end up costing someone’s life.

This was the case for a Las Vegas resident where a homicide was committed at the Stateside Lounge.

As reported by Las Vegas Review Journal, a fistfight between 2 individuals broke out inside the bar and moved to the parking lot where eventual gunfire resulted in the homicide.

Now it does beg the question of “Where was security?” as this whole scenario unfolded, or perhaps security was there, but did absolutely nothing to control the situation. Details are currently unknown.

Either way, according to attorney contributor, Brian Kent for The Legal Herald, “All commercial property owners must fulfill their important legal duty of ensuring the safety of their patrons and employees … However, property owners only have the responsibility of preventing reasonably foreseeable crimes.”

Sort of like the fictional “reasonable person,” a “reasonably foreseeable crime” is yet another variable that is ultimately left up to the interpretation and identification by the judge and/or jury.

Main guidelines however, state that a wrongful act is not foreseeable unless:

  1. The owner or keeper failed to exercise due care for the safety of the patron or other person on the premises.
  2. Prior incidents of similar wrongful acts occurred on the premises and the owner or keeper had notice or knowledge of those incidents.

And here’s what’s interesting: The Stateside Lounge has already had 3 homicides in the past 6 months.

An individual was gunned down by a clerk of a convenience store just next door to The Stateside Lounge. Also, a man was found stabbed to death in the parking lot between the convenience store and the lounge (both establishments possess the same owner.)

“A crime may be deemed reasonably foreseeable if a parking lot had a history of criminal violence and the security measures were not improved,” said Kent.

Interestingly, no negligent security lawsuits have currently been filed; but if someone was injured in the crossfire, it’s highly likely they’d have a case.