Arming your Jurors in Closing

Arming your Jurors in Closing

     This brief article was written primarily for my, Eric Roy, and my staff’s benefit.  Here I point out some important tips to employ in closing argument in the plaintiff’s personal injury trial setting.  Most of these ideas come from brilliant trial consultant David Ball.  David Ball has written substantially on modern day plaintiff’s trial […]

Arguing Liability in Closing

     As a general proposition we, as trial lawyers, seek to demonstrate liability from beginning of trial through closing argument.  Our primary mechanism for doing this is by first showing the jurors what the rules are, which defendant was obligated to abide by, and then demonstrate that the defendant did not play by those rules.  […]

Anticipating and Overcoming Challenges from the Court

     When preparing for trial, like many other endeavors in this life, it is best to hope for the best but to plan for the worst.  In other words, you need to draw up your opening statement, closing statement, witness examinations and so forth as you intend to present them.  That being said you need […]

Premises Liability and Breach for Third Party Criminal Activity

     Generally, the elements of a negligence claim under Nevada law are: (1) that defendant owed plaintiff a duty of care; (2) that defendant breached that duty of care; (3) the breach was the actual cause of plaintiff’s injury; (4) the breach was the proximate cause of plaintiff’s injury; and (5) that plaintiff suffered […]

Hotel Accidents: When Can You Sue a Vegas Hotel?

Every year, tens of millions of people visit the various casinos and resorts on the Las Vegas Strip to partake in the various shows, gambling, and fine dining that the city has to offer. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries can sometimes occur on the premises of these hotels and leave guests with immense physical, financial, and […]

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