Expecting the Unexpected: Pool Accidents and Negligence

Expecting the Unexpected: Pool Accidents and Negligence   It’s August, and while other cities are just starting to cool down, you already know that Vegas has a whole lot of summer left in it. Why not have a pool day with your family or friends and enjoy one of the simplest of summer pleasures while

Charges for Hidden Charges, Hilton Sued for Fraud

Charges for Hidden Charges; Hilton Sued for Fraud When your grandma says you can only take one cookie, you should probably do what she says. And while you could take a second one and it’ll feel good to eat it in that moment, you probably won’t like the consequences to come. As reported by 1011

Product Recalls: Not a Perfect Defense in a Product Liability Case

We usually get one of these on our favorite produce every two years or so; usually due to some kind of bacterial outbreak. And when someone becomes sick from the consumption of an item and a product-related epidemic develops, the distributor issues a product recall. Recently, Channel 3 News Las Vegas reported a Las Vegas

Know the Specifics: You’ll Get Cited for More Than Just Texting

When online video streaming became popular, our government created laws to accommodate and protect the intellectual property rights of visual media creators. As smartphone usage became widespread, the government also created laws as texting while driving became a notable cause of car accidents. The law prohibiting texting while driving went into effect in 2012, but

Slips and Falls: Prevention and How to Handle Them

Whether it’s at your workplace or a place you’re visiting, strewn throughout are possible hazards that most people don’t think about. These hazards can include a wet floor, a scrunched-up carpet, or a deteriorating floor; all these and more qualify as potential hazards that can and do cause trips, slips, and falls that can injure