Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas

While many people enjoy recreational swimming on a daily basis, swimming pools use can potentially turn deadly without the presence of proper supervision. Whether it is at a private residence, apartment complex or community pool, these bodies of water can go from playful areas to danger zones in the blink of an eye. If you

Slip & Fall Accident Attorney in Las Vegas

When property owners are careless and fail to take steps to ensure the safety of their guests, innocent people get hurt. One of the most common ways a person can be injured on someone else’s property is in a slip and fall accident, resulting in various debilitating injuries such as broken bones, head injuries, and

Pedestrian Accidents in Las Vegas

The last thing a person can expect while crossing the street is to be struck by a careless driver. Collisions between motor vehicles and people who are on-foot can be devastating, oftentimes resulting in lifelong debilitation for the involved pedestrians. Pedestrians can be considered anyone who is not inside a vehicle, including runners, bikers, skateboarders,

Child Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas

Has your child been hurt under preventable circumstances? If the negligence of another party has caused your minor child to suffer an injury, you may be entitled to recover a wide range of monetary damages by filing a personal injury claim on their behalf. At Eric Roy Law Firm, our highly knowledgeable Las Vegas child

Las Vegas Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

A sudden spinal cord injury can derail your life in an instant. As your mobility is limited and medical expenses pile up, it can be difficult to know where to turn or who to trust for help. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident, however, you may have grounds to pursue full compensation from those