Personal Injury FAQ

Personal Injury FAQ

Our team at Eric Roy Law Firm is passionate about educating our clients about their rights. We want to make this process as simple as possible for you, and explain in detail what you can expect down the road. Below are answers to some important questions that clients usually have. We hope that you find this resource useful. If you have questions that are not answered below, please feel free to contact us so that we can answer those questions.

How do insurance companies approach claims?

After an accident, the at-fault party’s insurance company will usually assign an insurance adjustor to investigate and value the claim. It is important for victims to remember that insurance adjustors work for the insurance company, not for the victim. This means that they are looking out for their company’s bottom line, and not in paying you what you deserve. The adjustor will assess the value of the claim given the type of coverage available, and offer the victim an amount that is substantially less than the estimate, so as to provide room for negotiations. The adjustor’s goal is to offer the lowest amount possible, without going to court. Insurance companies generally do not favor taking a case to court, because of the possibility of paying out a much higher amount if a jury is sympathetic to the victim. At Eric Roy Law Firm we understand how adjustors work and the tactics they use to force a victim to settle a claim. We are not afraid of taking a case to court and pushing for the maximum settlement you are entitled to receive.

How do you define negligence in personal injury cases?

In legal terms, “negligence” is defined by the failure of an individual to exercise reasonable care. To determine this, the courts usually ask whether a normal person would have done the same thing under the same circumstances and conditions.

What damages can I be compensated for?

Depending on your circumstances, you can receive special damages that may include economic costs such as medical bills and lost wages, general damages that include monetary values for pain and suffering, and punitive damages that are intended to punish the liable party for their negligence.

How is a claim calculated?

A claim is calculated by looking at current and projected costs for medical expenses, property damage, lost earnings/income, and pain and suffering. Determining an accurate amount is difficult, and generally requires the help of medical and financial experts to assess the scope of the injury and potential losses. At the Eric Roy Law Firm, we have the right resources to help you accurately assess the full and fair value of a claim.

How much do you charge for personal injury cases? I can’t afford a lawyer at this time

For personal injury cases, clients do not pay us upfront or during the course of the case. We only receive payment after we recover a monetary settlement. The legal fees are then deducted as a percentage of the final settlement. This means that anyone can afford our high-quality services, no matter what your financial situation might be.

What can you do if insurance adjustors won’t offer a fair settlement?

If an insurance company is not willing to offer you a reasonable settlement, then we are not afraid to push your case towards trial. This normally gets their attention because they know that going to court is much more costly than paying you what you deserve.

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