Texting & Driving Accidents in Nevada

Texting & Driving Accidents in Nevada

Texting and driving is rapidly becoming the most common and arguably most dangerous form of driver behavior in the country. According to estimates made by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), anywhere between 25% and 40% of all car accidents in America involve at least one driver who was using their cellphone at the time of collision, usually for sending or reading a text message. In some ways, distracted driving can be considered more harmful than drunk driving. The CDC also states that texting behind the wheel is so dangerous because it engages the driver in all three different forms of driver distraction, compiling together into one incredibly dangerous distraction.

The forms of driver distraction are:

  1. Manual: Hands off the wheel.
  2. Cognitive: Mind off the task of driving.
  3. Visual: Eyes off the road.

If you were hit by another driver and suffered serious injury, the odds alone state that they were texting and driving, causing the crash through their negligence. Contact Eric Roy Law Firm and retain our Las Vegas personal injury lawyer, Mr. Roy, so that he can get to work on your claim. With our legal team in your corner, you may be able to achieve full financial compensation for your injuries and damages, including medical bills, vehicle repairs, and lost wages.

Proving Liability in a Distracted Driving Case

Texting while driving is illegal in Nevada State, as is using a cellular device for any purpose. For this reason, many drivers who hit people while they were texting may lie to insurance adjusters or the police to cover up their negligent, illegal behavior. They might say they were reaching for something that slid under their seat or adjusting the radio.

The first order of business our law firm undertakes when we take on a texting and driving car accident case is determining a way to prove that the negligent driver was using their cellphone when the crash occurred. Sometimes this can be achieved through getting a court order to see cellphone data records. In other scenarios, the anatomy of the car accident itself may suggest the liable driver was distracted, as texting drivers usually do not brake at red lights or check for cross-traffic at intersections.

Injuries sustained in texting and driving collisions often include:

Begin Your Case with a Professional’s Legal Advocacy

Do not worry yourself with the minute and varied details of legislation and litigation when you should be focused on your own rest and recovery. This is where our Las Vegas car accident attorney can proudly step in and take the reins in your case. While you deal with other aspects of your life that surely need attention, we can charge ahead and do everything in our power to get you the compensation you require.

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