Reno, NV - One Person Dies in Mobile Home Fire at Ranger Road Park

Reno, NV – One Person Dies in Mobile Home Fire at Ranger Road Park

Reno, NV (April 21, 2022) – Rescue crews with the Reno Fire Department say that one person and a dog died in a fire Thursday afternoon in Panther Valley.

Two mobile homes were destroyed in the incident, which occurred around 2:00 p.m. at the Ranger Road Mobile Home Park. Several streets in the area were closed for several hours while firefighters worked to knock down the flames. The resident was found deceased after rescue crews were able to extinguish the fire, and it’s unclear if any other victim sustained injuries in the blaze.

The investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing, however, and further details have not been provided.

We would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased victim. Our thoughts go out to any injured victims and their families. We hope for their full recovery.

Injuries in Residential Fires in Nevada

Reno, NV - One Person Dies in Mobile Home Fire at Ranger Road ParkWhen a victim is exposed to fire, caustic chemicals, or severe heat, they can sustain serious burns. In addition to these injuries being extremely painful, they can also result in permanent deformity, costly surgical treatments, including skin grafts, and beyond. Sadly, in 2020 alone, almost 20 home fire fatalities were reported by authorities in the Silver State. Moreover, the national average was nearly 3 deaths and 10 injuries in 2019 per 1,000 fires. Though deaths and injuries from commercial fires, as well as other burn injuries, remain fairly rare, they are nonetheless devastating to those involved.

Those affected by these incidents often cope with financial difficulties, long-term physical issues, and emotional trauma. When victims die as a result of these fires, their loved ones may be left in an unbelievably tough position. Families must often endure exorbitant medical and funerary expenses on top of grieving the sudden loss of their loved one. If you’ve sustained injuries or had a family member die in a fire, you may have legal options as you move forward. If you’ve been affected by one of these unfortunate accidents, please contact a Reno burn injury attorney at your earliest convenience.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Reno

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