Signs Of Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing Home Attorney in Las Vegas, NV

Assisted living facilities in Las Vegas are essential to providing the city’s aging population with a respectable quality of life. Maintaining that standard of living should be the care giving facility’s everyday mission for the residents it serves.

Nursing homes in general are for those who don’t need to be in a hospital, but can’t be cared at home especially when one does not have relatives with the time to care for their loved ones. That said, it’s a problem if the facility that is supposed to provide the assistance to help with living, isn’t.

There are several ways one can experience neglect at nursing home. And if you’re experiencing any one of these. You may want to consider a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas to help gain compensation for the assisted living you weren’t receiving.

  1. Neglect of basic needs: As a part of assisted living, it’s the role of the facility to provide and help maintain a clean living space along with providing an sufficient amount of food and water.


  1. Neglect of personal hygiene: Facilities are also required to provide residents with assistance in bathing, teeth brushing, laundry, and other everyday tasks that help to maintain personal hygiene.


  1. Neglect of medical needs: Without a doubt the most important one on this list. The facility needs to provide and keep up with a resident’s medications and care for ongoing conditions or disabilities.


  1. Neglect of social or emotional needs: It’s the role of the facility to take care of its residents, and while it may be stressful at times, the staff should not be ignoring the resident nor should they be taking out their stresses on the resident either verbally or physically.

Assisted living means “living with assistance” and it’s up to certified facilities to carry out the services for which they advertise. If you think you are the victim of abuse seek out a qualified Las Vegas nursing home abuse lawyer to help start a case so you can receive justice for you neglect.