Summerlin, NV - Multiple-Car Crash, Injuries on Rainbow Blvd at US 95

Summerlin, NV – Multiple-Car Crash, Injuries on Rainbow Blvd at US 95

Summerlin, NV (August 21, 2022) – On the evening of August 21, an accident occurred on a nearby roadway, and authorities reported at least one injury.

At 9:35 p.m., there was an accident on Rainbow Boulevard near Highway 95, and emergency responders were quickly on the scene to help the hurt. Summerlin police are looking for one of the vehicles’ drivers after a crash. There has been no word on whether the alleged driver has been found. Police were summoned and an ambulance dispatched after one of the drivers or passengers reported injuries, but the investigation is still underway and no other information about the people involved in the accident has been made public at this time.

We hope that everyone involved in this vehicle accident today will make a full and rapid recovery.

Traffic-Related Injuries & Fatalities in the State of Nevada

Summerlin, NV - Multiple-Car Crash, Injuries on Rainbow Blvd at US 95It’s commonly assumed that the Silver State doesn’t have a higher death and injury rate because there are more rural areas in Nevada. Unfortunately, that’s not the situation. Most fatal accidents happen in cities; however, a sizable minority still occurs in rural regions. Highway traffic in Nevada peaks between 5 and 9 p.m., when people leave work and head home, and troughs between midnight and 6:30 a.m., when people are sleeping.

A surging number of fatalities occurred between the hours of five and eleven at night. The number of people killed or injured on Nevada’s roadways has increased in recent years, making matters much worse. At least 280 people were murdered in traffic-related events in 2016, according to the Office of Traffic Safety. One thousand or more Nevadans needed medical attention in 2000 after being hurt in car crashes. Some people who are involved in vehicle accidents have catastrophic injuries that affect nearly every part of their bodies, putting them in a difficult position from a medical, financial, and emotional aspect.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can be the result of a blow or a puncture to the head, both of which are common in car accidents. In addition, traumatic brain injuries account for about 51,000 annual deaths and another 100,000 annual cases of lifelong disability. If you or a loved one has been injured and you need legal representation, you can rest assured that the Eric Roy Law Firm will do everything in its power to offer you the most individualized and sympathetic representation possible.

The legal team at our firm has extensive experience in the Nevada and Las Vegas courts, allowing them to provide our clients with the strongest defense possible. If you or a loved one has been hurt due to someone else’s negligence, our legal team will do everything in their ability to help you get the money you need to get better.

Please contact us if you or a loved one has been wounded due to another person’s carelessness. If you have been injured in the Las Vegas region and would like to speak with a Nevada personal injury attorney about your case, please dial 702-423-3333. Don’t hesitate to seek the help you truly need at this unfortunate time in your life.

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